Slix is a simplistic texture pack with a smooth feel.

This texture pack is for an older version of Minecraft and may not work correctly.



  1. Lennaert says:

    Where to download the HD patcher?

  2. Albz says:

    @Lennaert Just type MCPatcher and the version of minecraft your using.

  3. Shadowhumper says:

    I hate the tree leaves, but my god is the rest of this easy on the eye.
    I usually hate it when the grass blocks have that cube line on them, but these grass blocks are actually kinda relaxing looking. The green is so smooth that it’s cathartic, great coloring. And I really like that the stone blocks are so light and smooth too, the contrast is much better on the eyes when you’re in dark caves or whatnot.

  4. Amazingwaffles3 says:

    couldnt agree more but yeah the tree leaves bug me alot mainly because its like exploding colors for some reason idk but the contrast is too sudden and confuses me i have terrible tracking when on a computer >.<

  5. beebee1276012 says:

    No offence, but I hate this Texture Pack. MineCraft’s suppose to be blocks, but this is too blocky!

  6. beebee1276012 says:

    I’ve seen that loads of people want the HD patcher, and they want to know where they can download it. Well you don’t need to! (You Will If It Needs HD But I Don’t Like It So I’m Not Going To Even Try Downloading It). You just need to press the download button right underneath the Pictures of the Texture Pack, click download, and carry on. (The Only Thing I’ll Warn You About Is, It’s Really Tricky To Download Even If It’s Now HD!)

  7. Platformz says:

    This is just quick,this texture pack makes minecraft less laggy.

  8. MinecraftPrincess100 says:

    I HATE the leaves on the trees but, I LOVE the smooth texture pack. BUT, I wonder if it looks good on MCA….

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