John Smith Legacy

John Smith Legacy is a continuation of the legendary RPG themed John Smith texture pack.






  1. juan pedro says:

    This texturepack is awesome!

  2. Pako says:

    Epic texture pack … Epic!

  3. Unknown... says:

    Great texture pack guys,
    keep up the good work!


  4. Logan says:

    I like it 8.23/10.00

  5. Zeak says:

    Dude this texture pack is so cool, and this website is sweet I look every day :)

  6. Jeppe2620 says:

    Finaly i can play a new update ! :D amazing !

  7. Real says:

    Best Texture Pack I have ever seen tho it’s only in 32x.

  8. SomeGuy says:


  9. Herobrine 58 says:

    Wow awesome.

  10. John says:

    Awesome texture pack. My only complaint is that there is no new skin for the iron golems :(

  11. Name* says:

    this is asome i played it ALL DAY it is so asome

  12. Name* says:

    It is epic
    Thx so much for the texture pack

  13. Shadow says:

    This is a beautiful texture pack :)

  14. Name* says:

    Deluxe 20 sent me.

  15. Nickifor says:

    This is awesome!!!!!!!

  16. zombiez says:

    love it, only complaint is there is no texture for the mushroom biome grass. it is just normal grass : /

  17. specklehawk says:

    Hang on… John Smith??? Is that a Doctor Who reference? Or is it the creator’s actual name? If it’s their/your name, then they/you are awesome!!! :D

  18. digimonmaster21 says:

    this is so epic i would tell all my friends about it if i had not already LOL keep up the good work

  19. Scramble500 says:

    Just like the one Bashurverse used

  20. emma says:

    this textures awesome

  21. deerslayer625 says:

    This is now my favorite texture pack. I plan on using this, along with some other packs. I like to use a different pack each day, but I think I will use this one more commonly.

  22. Jared says:

    I have not tried it yet but it looks amazing i want it so bad

  23. mopthet0p says:

    I love this T P because ChimneySwift11 uses it on his Minecraft Files and it looks absolutely amazing!

  24. Cereal says:

    Damn I really love this texture pack! Nice work

  25. John Locke says:

    Best torches ever!

  26. Davishpwns says:

    one of the most epic texture packs I’ve downloaded and used :D

  27. Reshiram says:

    Awesome texture pack! I rate this texture pack 9.99/10.00 because I don’t exactly like the armor :/ Please don’t hate!

  28. FireStarFlames says:


  29. xXMonsterManXx says:

    Realy awesome I like it!


  30. Excalibous says:

    I’m sorry, this texturepack look exactly like A’therys Ascended, with minor differences

    • Dave says:

      Dude, JohnSmith is the original pack that’s been around for several years, one of the oldest packs still around. It’s Athery that is using many textures from JS.

    • kicknyurs says:

      You know Hypixel based his TP off of this one, right?

  31. Player_Kelly says:

    epic texture pack plus clean download system! love the download button

  32. Parago_Dave says:

    Epic Texture Pack d-_-b

  33. TeethOfEmultion says:

    this texture pack is amazing. ive been playing with it for 5 minutes and im in awe of how fresh the world looks. with your permission Glowstrontium, i would like to post the link for your this page on my server. that way other people will be able to experience it too. ALL rights and props will go toward you of course.

  34. OfficiallSovieteer says:

    This is the best texture pack I have used and seen. It was my first ever downloaded one. The textures are easy to identify. It is realistic with a slightly dark ambience to it. I love using it and I enjoy it. Keep up the good work with the texture packs.

  35. unknown says:

    this texture pack is awesome keep up the good work guys your awesome

  36. frx you says:

    Good texture pack,good in adventure and mini games

  37. Sum1 says:

    Thanks very much! This pack is perfect for my Minecraft series! I don’t know how the hell can I thank you :))

  38. Luna says:

    The sheep… They’re watching me… Judging me…

  39. Cassidy says:

    I absolutely love this Resource Pack. My one and only complaint is the horses….because they are not horses, they are mules….and I don’t like this. However, I am in love with everything else about it, and have no other criticisms. Thank you so much for all of your efforts!

  40. Rockborn says:

    Damn, best pack i’ve ever played it. Makes it looks like another game. Thanks!

  41. joel_creeper1 says:

    this texturepack are awesome!

  42. theguythatwasaboy says:

    this t-pack is awesoe but for some reason the letters are like white blocks and its normal for my friends:(
    still awesome t-pack:D

  43. Undead Gamer says:

    This Looks like that Hypixel texture pack…

  44. isiah joseph marquinez says:


  45. dee says:

    amazing texture pack, one of the best out there for 32×32. :D

  46. Kole says:

    Ohhh I love it ^_^

  47. cuurlywigg says:

    I dont know why but all the lettering in this texture pack is just rectangles and squares has anyone else got this?

  48. MrcreeperZ says:

    An adventurous texture pack for adventurers! This must be a 5 Star texture pack

    Rating: *****

    Like It!

    Your Sincerely,

  49. SuriBoy says:

    Its a cool texture pack but only one thing isn’t right.
    In 1.7.9 there are some iron golems and they don’t look like the texture pack, does somebody know where i can download the the resource pack of 1.7.9?

    thank you very much.

  50. SynchoZombie says:

    Freaking awsome texture pack i love it

  51. Anish says:

    i dont really like this kind of texture pack but this one is awesome 9.5/10

  52. CompTech233 says:

    Amazing texture pack. Just what i was looking for!

  53. Immagine says:

    This is the best texture i ever used .10/10 GG guys

  54. ModestJustin says:

    By far, the best pack I could find! I was looking for a Skyrim look-alike forever. If you’re into that sort of thing GRAB IT!

  55. eva says:

    i downloaded this because syndicate uses it big shout out to syndicate everyone go and watch his videos

  56. Tate says:

    Man, from the look of it, it looks sooooo rad. I don’t have it yet, but I’m planning on getting it. John Smith must have a lot of Texture Packs, though I only know of this one, and the one my friend, Dalton has. Its the one with the Commercial Pig.

  57. conbustion says:


  58. unknown says:

    Im downloading it right now, so exited

  59. Stranger says:

    OMG. its so beautiful and detailed

  60. Mark says:

    This download goes out to my favorite youtuber Tom Syndicate…….. he has a new series out called Mianite which is pretty entertaining and he uses this TP which has great specs

  61. Josh says:

    The texture pack is the best!

  62. danika113 says:

    hey why 1.8 :'( why not 1.7? :(

  63. Isaac says:

    This is the Best texture pack Ever!!!

  64. TTIAR1 says:

    This is one of my favorite texture packs.

  65. WokieeClaus says:

    looks so good cant wait 2 see all the txtures stupid website wont let me see it all!!!

  66. Uras says:

    Best Texture Pack of all my Texture pack

  67. Muhammed says:

    nice and good <3

  68. Tennyson says:

    Love this texture pack. makes minecraft look so much better to play.

  69. nosaubi says:

    even 4 years later this website is still runing nice

  70. WHYNOTONY says:

    That website feels like my entiere childhood

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