Will Pack

Will Pack is a 32×32 texture pack with vibrant colours and a very bright feel.



  1. TyraVane says:

    Ok, it’s nice – but too much bright colours in it, if you changed it and made the colours a bit darker, I would get it.
    But overall, it’s defiantly worth getting.

  2. William says:

    I would like it if it wasnt hd

  3. Flukemeister says:

    i have a laptop and HD texture packs work you neet MCvpacher

    • Danielle says:

      The textures for the chest and grass won’t cghane! what shall I do? The chest isn’t that important, but the default grass is ruining my whole Texturepack.. I don’t even know where I find it -.-Also, I can’t find the redstone wire texture. Please help!

    • Captain Doom says:

      Not anymore you don’t

  4. Doomlord115 says:

    i like the house and the textures.

    p.s. did u make the house or is that just a google pick (plz reply)

  5. nanarama says:


  6. MineCraft says:

    I’d really like to get it. It looks really cool but it’s HD and I can’t install MCPatcher (which sucks). I’d get it if it wasn’t HD.

  7. beebee1276012 says:

    I really like this texture pack! The only thing I would change is again, a lot of people say this but.
    It’s just to bright, but i’m going to get it because my name’s Will!

  8. Amazingwaffles3 says:

    liked it its worth downloading and it just abandons anny gloomy look on minecraft awesome my sister loves it!

  9. TNTexploder says:

    Let me say that this will be my default texture pack.

  10. iloveminecraft says:

    its allmost like its a mod its so bright :)

  11. Adam says:

    Ok hands down probs da best texture pack evar!! 10/10 :)

  12. Padfoot says:

    I love the water!

  13. James says:

    It’s so great!!!! :D

  14. Riley says:

    Great texture pack! Downloading now :D 10/10 for sure

  15. rainbowdew18 says:

    SO COOL!!!!

  16. PeaceableStorm0 says:

    This pack is amazing! It looks even better if you turn your brightness to Moody! :D Thanks for the great pack!

  17. shadowflyer69 says:

    this pack is amazeing i love the windows andth water its really cool

  18. Evan says:

    This is my default texture pack! It really is hard to find a texture pack as good and as bright as this one.

  19. lol says:

    The wood is the best wood ive seen

  20. taco6868 says:

    its a really cool texture pack

  21. iGamingzpro says:

    love the texture pack but the grass can be a little too bright and look kinda weird still use the pack tho

  22. Divyanshu says:

    I Love this Resource Pack ! Im new to minecraft and recently came to know about resource packs ! Ant this one , so I feel , is the best resourcepack in the whole world ! Whoeer this will guy is , he’s AWESOME ! Hats off ! :) :)

  23. Dana says:

    This is my favorite pack in the whole site =)

  24. Evielou5 says:

    Omg so bright and colorful and fun! I wub dis texture pack I gonna download it right now =D

  25. Isabel says:

    am i the only one having a problem on this texture pack? Everything is fine except the glass. its not see trough or clear I only see blue the glass. I have optifine installed. Help?

  26. Omglog says:

    you can’t see through the glass :/

  27. BosniaGamersHD says:

    hey guys this is soo good resource pack or texture pack and i love it i say to all this is best pack Will Pack!!!

  28. Elsa says:

    This is kind of fustrating!

    I downloaded the texture pack and everything was going smoothly until it asked me to drag the zip file. Because it WASNT THERE. Can someone please help me?

  29. mat0102 says:

    Nice pack, but for me the grass is too bright.

  30. Ryan says:

    This is good right