Other Minecraft Resource Packs


Xenocontendi is a bright and cheerful pack that stays true to the original Minecraft textures. This pack is perfect for RPG style builds.    

Alvoria’s Sanity

Alvoria's Sanity Pack gives Minecraft a touch more realism while still maintaining the Minecraft atmosphere. The pack provides a more consistent look to each block by adding fine detail and creating a rather pleasing depth to the game.    


Faithful is a more detailed 32x32 version of the default Minecraft textures.    


Pamplemousse is a 16x16 pack based around modern design and architecture with the feel of a HD texture pack. It works well for both modern and traditional builds alike making it a great all-round texture pack.    


Dandelion is a cute and simple 16x16 texture pack designed by Steelfeathers.    

Pixel Perfection

Pixel perfection is a beautiful 16x16 pack which adds a fresh new look to Minecraft without straying too far from the default look.    

Will Pack

Will Pack is a 32x32 texture pack with vibrant colours and a very bright feel.