Originally created by LithiumSound, SummerFields is a bright and lively texture pack inspired by Jolicraft and Good Morning Craft.






  1. Minecraftman1121 says:

    I really think this is my second fav t-pack but cortie is the best

  2. Skillingstad says:

    Hey that picture was taken in Scraftyy’s House in Dela-Ware! :D

  3. Claira_beara1998 says:

    i really like this texture pack very realistic.

  4. omg says:

    that is pretty texture pack im so happy :*

  5. TheJacobW1 says:

    I like the wooden sword :D It looks funny :P

  6. CanisPaleomyth says:

    I’m a Minecraft youtuber (CanisPaleomyth) and I have to say I love this texturepack. I think ill review it on my channel and use it in my lets play videos when I do a multiplayer series.

  7. Legendaryman says:

    Really reallyy awesome

  8. Bisami says:

    Might use…

  9. LordOfThePants says:

    I LOVE this pack! It’s so beautiful! But I’m finally updating my world from 1.18.2 to 1.19.2 now, which means I can’t keep using it. I hope you are able to update it soon!

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