Precisely Portal

Precisely Portal is the original Minecraft Beta texture pack based on the video game Portal developed by Valve.

This texture pack is for an older version of Minecraft and may have missing textures.



  1. Henry says:

    As the title says, this is sooooo so so so Portal! Dude, this is great!

  2. darckboy99 says:

    hard to see if its drit or cobble stone

  3. Mello says:

    this could be an adventure map,it would look cool

  4. Portal Fan 91 says:

    does anyone else notice that the lava looks like mud, which kills you in portal…

  5. MeteoRaziel says:

    Very cool.
    But i won’t download it.
    If there was a 128 or 256 version I WOULD.

  6. Evil Otto says:

    This was a triumph. I’m making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS. It’s hard to overstate my satisfaction.

    • Marije says:

      Aperture science. We do what we must because we can. For the good of all of us except the ones who are dead.

      • i will not tell you my name says:

        but there’s no use crying over every mistake
        you just keep on trying ’till you run out of cake
        and the science get’s done
        and you make a neat gun (understatement)
        for the people who are
        still alive

        • wyvern713 says:

          I’m not even angry
          I’m being so sincere right now
          Even though you broke my heart and killed me
          And tore me to pieces
          And threw every piece into a fire
          And as they burned it hurt because
          I was so happy for you

          • Katherine says:

            Now these points of data make a beautiful line
            And we’re out of data we’re releasing on time.
            So I’m GlaD I got burned
            Think of all the things we learned
            For the people who are still alive

          • Wheatley says:

            Go ahead and leave me.
            I think I prefer to stay inside.
            Maybe you’ll find someone else to help you.
            Maybe Black Mesa
            THAT WAS A JOKE.
            HAHA. FAT CHANCE.
            Anyway, this cake is great.
            It’s so delicious and moist.
            Look at me still talking
            when there’s Science to do.
            When I look out there, it makes me GLaD I’m not you.
            I’ve experiments to run.
            There is research to be done.
            On the people who are still alive.

          • genessee says:

            Yeah For The People Who Are Still Alive.
            While You’re Dying I’ll Still
            Be Alive.
            While You’re Dead I’ll Still Be Alive.
            Yeah Guess What I Am Still Alive.
            Yeah Guess What I Am Still Alive.

  7. shania28 says:

    OMG look at the creeper it looks BOSS

  8. Sonic157 says:

    AWESOME but make a not HD version cause i cant get it. BTW THE CREEPER IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. lillian says:

    i like how the creepers look and i love this texture pack! lolz

  10. Creeperkilla197 says:

    Over here!!

    I see wat you did there!!!

    Im making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS!! :D

  11. Cheese says:

    bows should be a portal gun :3

  12. portal master says:

    how do you build the portal gun?

  13. blake says:

    i LOVE PORTAL so now with that texture i can play a BLOCKY PORTAL

  14. The minecrafter in tekkit says:

    little bit sience fiction cool

  15. Mine craft 2 go says:

    I love portal I’m getting the texture pack!!!!

  16. dlttexas says:

    But where is the Companion cube…

  17. Agent Zero says:

    I notice a bunch of custom files in the pack, portal guns, turrets, and Faith Plates among them. Is there some way to activate this custom content?

  18. KoalaJustice~0 says:

    Great work! Just a little confusion on the ‘Dirt Block’ and ‘Stone’. Overall, Great!

  19. -Anonomous says:

    Wow! its amazing!

  20. Aden gudgeon says:

    Yeah this texture looks so cool

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