Inspiration is a texture pack designed for building massive and realistic structures. The main aim of the pack is to provide textures which are perfectly seamless and rich in colour and detail.

This texture pack is for an older version of Minecraft and may not work correctly.



  1. Bob says:

    Water is green and wheat is white, is this normal? if not, what should I do?

    • James says:

      The water is green because that is the natural color of shallow water. Try looking at the water when it is at least 5 blocks deep, that should give you a deep blue. If not, I would suggest making sure that you have the appropriate graphics card installed before you contact the creator of the texture pack.
      Hope this helps!

    • To Bob says:

      Yes that sounds normal. I dont have the texture pack but Wheat is a white/pale yellow and well, green water…..Well i mean if you go to a lake, what color is the water?

    • KAT_MAN123 says:

      try some TNT, always makes me happy

    • trollbiter says:

      in the photo you can see it so it must be normal

  2. Dacewka says:

    Love it, just erm, fix bricks please?

  3. cooldude17 says:

    did you run and patch mcpatcher?

  4. SMSgtBrown says:

    You didnt do brick

  5. Peepinabox says:

    Great look. My only complaint is how the pick axes look…

  6. help me plz says:

    Guys do bricks look like wierd stuff on fire? did I do something wrong

  7. jake says:

    half of them didnt run mc patcher besides that its a great pack

  8. bender1501 says:

    why is nether rack has water texture >.< fix plz

  9. gibzx says:

    yes you did something wrong, you didnt patch you minecraft. if you dont know what that is just search on goggle “MC patcher 1.2.5” that will patch all hd textures. the point of it is to make minecraft accept larger textures, i mean minecraft is a 16 x 16 texturegame and you are puting a 32 x 32.

    • James says:

      My previous comment was invalid on stairs, pumpkins, etc. However, the Brick Blocks have invalid pictures, even WITH MC Patcher.

  10. Will Thy Diomand Miner says:

    Wow! this texture pack looks really cool!
    But so does Coterie Craft.
    I like em’ both but wich ones better,
    theres only one way to find out… FIGHT!

  11. olivia_rose says:

    wow, that’s a pretty good texture pack you got going on there, what do the animals look like? do they just look the same?

  12. FRan says:

    too bad i made a file for a texture pack for an HD pack that doesn’t work on my PC!!! :(

  13. Alex says:

    Compass doesn’t work, vital if you’re out the map and can’t find a way back…

  14. Alex says:

    Actually it does now, don’t know what happened there.., the pickaxe does look strange mind…

  15. Steve says:

    i noticed 2 things i think should be changed:
    2. there is no kz.png for the art.
    but other than that, GREAT TEXTURE PACK!
    9 out of 10 diamonds!

  16. Amazingwaffles3 says:

    it was cool but the pickaxes looked like they were on fire when i was mining i freaked out and i realized its a glitch

  17. bob says:

    why does flint look like a mushroom in ur inventory?

  18. Jacob says:

    Is the Netherrack supposed to look like flowing water?

  19. Justin H. says:

    I love this texture pack. It shines in the area stated in the description – building good looking structures. I love it to death for that… but as with many things I love, there are parts I don’t like.

    The creatures are the biggest problem. Creepers, the most iconic mob in all of Minecraft, look like alien bugs – not creepers. Sheep look silly, etc. Some mobs are quite good (zombies for example), some are fair (spiders, skeletons) and others just kind of suck (sheep, creepers).

    There are also a few minor oddities, like the look of pickaxes (why do the ends seem blunt?) and coal (looks like blackened grapes) but I still give this a 9/10 for the beauty the pack lends to structures.

  20. Gogo37 says:

    A nice texture pack. The only problem is that it made Minecraft go really slow.

  21. Callam says:

    a wonderful texture, absolutely amazing i have never seen a pack as good as this i have to say well done and thanks for this its made minecraft much better for me

  22. dhannemon13 says:


  23. Marcus says:

    LOVE it.i’ve currently been using JailCraft and now this.I will always use this

  24. AntVenom says:

    Great texture pack tobiwan really good. Now I know why it took you 1000 hours.

  25. elusivEuphoria says:

    Fantastic pack!

    *tl;dr version*

    I was a major fan of Ovo’s Rustic 64×64 texture pack for a long time. Since it’s splintered into various “continuation” versions, not by the original author, I’ve been very frustrated with finding a visually appealing t-pack that was in the same vein as Ovo’s Rustic. This one does the trick.

    Solid pack all around. Color, aesthetic, detail… all while not deviating too far from the familiarity of the default pack. Ores and other various blocks are recognizable.

    Only complaint (and this was true of Ovo’s as well), I’ve never been a fan of the scarier looking hostile mob look. That said, these hostile mobs while more edgy in appearance are tastefully done. The creeper’s feet… are creepy!

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