32×32 Minecraft Resource Packs


Sugarpack is a sweet and vibrant pack for anyone who loves color... lots of color. Everything from the vegetation to the mobs is candy-coated. This pack might make your teeth ache just looking at it.    

John Smith Legacy

John Smith Legacy is a continuation of the legendary RPG themed John Smith texture pack.    

The End is Extremely Nigh

The End is Extremely Nigh is an apocalyptic themed pack with very detailed textures.    

Gerudoku Faithful

Gerodoku Faithful is a continuation of Tombone's Gerudoku RPG pack.    

The Scribblenauts Pack

For any fans of the hit game, Scribblenauts, you're going to love this pack. It captures the cartoony feel of the game gloriously and gives a whole new feel to Minecraft. The attention to detail here is incredible.    


Faithful is a more detailed 32x32 version of the default Minecraft textures.    

Will Pack

Will Pack is a 32x32 texture pack with vibrant colours and a very bright feel.