Básico is a 128×128 texture pack with a mixture of simple and semi-realistic textures.

This texture pack is for an older version of Minecraft and may not work correctly.



  1. Mr. Awesome says:

    looks cool, but I can’t download it!

  2. Uberhaxornova says:

    hey dude awsome texture pack, my names james im a minecraft gamer and i play alot of games on my pc, just wondering if i could borrow this for my series.

  3. rw2l says:

    OMG did NOVA just comment?
    This is an awesome pack and ill use it.

  4. pownu says:


  5. DatGuy says:

    So a youtube guy commented. So? He likes to make people laugh in his free time, it doesnt make him the king of the world >_>

  6. Arekkusu03 says:

    Sorry, said it the wrong was :P
    @Mr.Awesome you need MC Patcher :P

  7. SeaNanners says:

    Hello everyone, my name is SeaNanners.

  8. ThePhantomPotchi says:

    THIS IS SO COOL!! But I can’t dowload it on Mediafire!!

  9. Seananners says:

    Awesome texture pack!! Gonna use it for my minecraft videos!

  10. imogen says:


  11. CreeperCZ says:

    nice but Realistico is better :)

  12. CaptainSparklez says:

    Dang it! I wish that I would have used this for my “Skyblock Survival” series

  13. LightningCreeper says:

    Again at captainsparzlez.

  14. ribyx says:

    best texture pack ever

  15. MinecraftFan15 says:

    Omg! Fake CaptainSparklz, Seananners, and Nova! What’s next Yogscast or Antvenom?

  16. AntVenom says:

    AntVenom is next.

  17. BlueXephos says:

    Then BlueXephos.

  18. Flame99999 says:

    Wow…This is awkward…This is a nice texturepack, I actually downloaded it myself. I just wanted to read the comments to see how good it is, not some Youtube Minecraft Fanboy Complication. Thanks, Adriorn!

  19. koolman says:

    awesome I get my new pc today and im getting this and using this texture pack. thanks

  20. Huni says:


  21. Tobuscus says:

    Tobuscus next. Wait.. Im i in a minecraft forum? nothing to do here

  22. CaptainSparklez says:

    Nice Texture pack, dude.

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