Paper Cut-Out

This is a simplistic texture pack designed to make objects in Minecraft look like they have been cut out of paper!    

Adventure Time Craft

Adventure Time Craft is a resource pack inspired by the popular cartoon series Adventure Time. The pack is very bright and colourful with interesting cartoon designs for every texture!    

Traditional Beauty

Traditional Beauty is a 64x64 version of the default Minecraft texture pack and aims to make the textures look more three dimensional.    

Coterie Craft

Coterie Craft started out as an edit of the Quandary Pack but has now evolved into a texture pack of its own and is one of the most popular packs on Planet Minecraft.    

FNI Realistic

FNI Realistic is an RPG themed texture pack with more detail and interesting textures than you would expect from a 16x16 pack.    


Isabella is a highly detailed 16x16 texture pack with a dark and gloomy feel. The pack adds a clean look to the Minecraft interface and also offers support for a number of mods.    


Faerielight is very detailed realistic resource pack with a dark RPG feel. The pack includes some creepy mob textures and is also available in a higher 256x256 resolution.