The Riverwood Pack is a highly detailed pack but maintains a simplicity to it. It’s still in beta but each of the finished blocks are intricately detailed. This pack works very well in medieval settings.

riverwood_1 riverwood_2 riverwood_3

This texture pack is for an older version of Minecraft and may have missing textures.



  1. Zachary West says:

    i LOVE THIS TEXTUREPACK, It’s totally amazing.

    First comment btw!

  2. jigsaw982 says:

    it needs a little work on the tools armor and new blocks added in 1.8 5/10

  3. RenegadeCyborg says:

    Love what you’ve done here apart from the glass blocks as it doesn’t look like glass anymore.

  4. Tuksu19 says:

    Wow.. Ameizing texture

  5. Waba says:

    Great texture pack cant wait to see it finished

  6. CamperDudes says:

    Wow! I just downloaded it and, I’m impressed!

    Love the medieval stile!

  7. chisoph says:

    Well, I mean, I’d like it a little better if you could remove the unfinished textures from the download file. This way I can layer another texture pack below it, so that everything’s a little smoother. Other than that, the textures themselves are pretty good.

  8. TMM0 says:

    The textures look very nice, if it were 1.8 compatible, then it would be a lot better. Nice job on this pack! 8/10

  9. T says:

    love it but needs to be updated

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