Storyblock is very detailed and simultaneously simple texture pack. Each block is intricately illustrated like that of an animation cel. It has a very clean look to it in a very cartoony fashion.    


VonDoomCraft is a 128x128 horror themed texture pack with some scary custom mobs and an overall dark feel.    

Dragon Dance

Dragon Dance is another fantastic RPG themed texture pack from Steelfeathers with the usual warm feel and vibrant colours, but this time on more detailed 64x64 textures.    


Vaultcraft is a 32x32 texture pack designed to resemble many aspects of Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas.    

Wayukian Pack

Wayukian is a 16x16 texture pack with lots of detail and an RPG feel. The pack also has some awesome custom armour and nether textures.    

Precisely Portal

Precisely Portal is the original Minecraft Beta texture pack based on the video game Portal developed by Valve.    


EnfiCraft is a clever mixture between a cartoony and a realistic texture pack.