Sharp Design

Sharp Design is a cleaner version of the default Minecraft texture pack with subtle changes to most blocks, items and mobs. This pack is perfect if you are looking for something similar but not identical to the default texture. With over 70,000 downloads on Planet Minecraft Sharp Design is one of the most popular simplistic texture packs.

This texture pack is for an older version of Minecraft and may have missing textures.



  1. minemaster321 says:

    kewl i like!

    • Kingdton says:

      Very good for an FPS lover! BTW, is someone wlnliig to release a texture pack for Minecraft based on the facts from Counter Strike Source?

  2. minecrafter256 says:

    best =D

  3. Gnomy224 says:

    I got this, and it said that it is similar, but it is completely NOTHING like the default, I dont like it too much

  4. james says:

    it looks ok

  5. Connor says:

    I just installed this a few minutes ago and so far i think its awesome.. I have a laptop that doesn’t run minecraft very well and ever since i got this, it runs a lottt smoother than before and i like the simplistic look of it..

  6. coolconnor says:

    its the saame just the grass blocks are fully green!

  7. EMAN says:

    Just installed it. I LOVE IT!!

  8. Night_w4lker says:

    I like this texture pack and its great for me seeing as I don’t have much ram. It replaces the default look with a smooth sleek look and this is what I like about it. The only thing that I don’t like is how big the squares are when its raining or the bubbles that are massive squares also the nether portal squares…. I think I speak for everyone here. Could you make them smaller please?

  9. Mansive says:

    I adore this texture pack. It is very simplistic and much cleaner than the default texture pack. I love simplistic texture packs, especially Sharp Design and Pulito, because they have a nice feel to them and aren’t very complex at all.

  10. Minecraftian10 says:

    Just Fabulous on my poor computer!!!

  11. Shane Cote says:

    For those of you who wish to actually get the texture pack, this is the link:—by-x1gambler1x—the-original-sharpened-default-texture-pack/

    The original pack was removed by a moderator because I simply updated the description for the pack. I guess it was against the new Terms of Use. Enjoy!

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