Broken Anachronism

The Broken Anachronism pack has a steampunk feel to it but it also maintains a very apocalyptic atmosphere. Everything is dreary and aged and rusty. It’s a very different pack than many and it takes Minecraft to a darker realm.

brokenanachronism_1 brokenanachronism_2 brokenanachronism_3

This texture pack is for an older version of Minecraft and may have missing textures.



  1. Sky Does Minecraft says:

    Wow totally MAJESTIC PACK!!! Met me at PAX!

  2. Gunzal says:

    It’s supercool, but can you update it to 1.8, please?

  3. NotSkydoesMinecraft says:

    Woah the fake SkydoesMinecraft :D

  4. Smoochie1235 says:

    This is epic!

  5. DivaTheTexturePlayer says:

    This is an amazing texture packs

  6. 13thMurder says:

    I think the “broken” stands for broken download.

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