Pamplemousse is a 16×16 pack based around modern design and architecture with the feel of a HD texture pack. It works well for both modern and traditional builds alike making it a great all-round texture pack.




This texture pack is for an older version of Minecraft and may have missing textures.



  1. Diamondz says:

    Wow! There’s not many texture packs that I like, but this one is amazing! The textures are detailed, and it seems a lot of time has been put into making this pack! I highly recommend this pack.

  2. benjhawk7654321 says:

    this is a great all around texture pack and my new favorite. great job!

  3. Mia says:

    This is a great texture pack. Some of these are the best!

  4. Maya says:

    Great Texture Pack! Lots of work has been put into this! :)

  5. WHAT AM I HOLDING?!? says:

    Great pack thumbs up!
    I do have one minor change request though. The shade of red used to indicate the selected item in the hot bar is very difficult for me to see. I do have minor red/ green color blindness, but as this is a very common condition in for men, I am sure others are having the same problem. Could the color be changed to something clearer, such as yellow, orange, blue, purple, silver, pink, black, of white? I also think a neon would fit the theme well. Other than that this is my favorite pack of all times, and I have used 50+ of them. WTG GJ

  6. HighestDrip822 says:

    I reallly LOVE this TEXTURE PACK good work!

  7. ArtsyFartsy says:

    This is not a bad texture pack! Though I have one disappointment. I was looking for 1.8 texutre packs, however, this one says it is 1.8, though if you look at the enchantment table and other GUIs, it’s actually not. Also I think it is missing some 1.8 blocks. Other than that, I think it’s fine!

  8. Joethebomb says:

    I think this texture pack looks good but I have one question, does this have an effect with tools and weapons for this texture pack?

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