SineCraft is a 16×16 texture pack featuring clean lines and a simplistic design. The majority blocks contain a rectangular pattern creating a unique mosaic effect.

This texture pack is for an older version of Minecraft and may have missing textures.



  1. coo78945 says:

    this such a good texture pack :D

  2. Stefan says:

    This is a little patchy and sewed up

  3. Sander says:

    Wow this looks really nice :D Thanks

  4. California Wave says:

    I think this texture pack goes perfectly with the blocky style of Minecraft. Seriously my favorite ever.

  5. matthew says:

    is it nice

  6. ReEcE says:

    its quite uniqe in a odd way its ok better than others especcily the basic one :) happy to help reply for answeres !

  7. i think these games are good for people like us says:

    i like mincraft it is a good game to playyy

  8. Leeroy says:

    it reminds me of legos for some reason, most likely the ‘mosiac’ design on the block itself. :P

  9. smirk says:

    I like the looks, but the inventory icons i think are not as easily recognizable as other texture packs.

  10. itsme says:

    i like pie

  11. TyraVane says:

    I love the look of this texture pack, definatly going to download that!

  12. James says:

    how do i get texture pack i have downloaded and put in texture pack folder but i can’t use

    • harry says:

      go back to your main menu and go back in and it should be there if not cheak if there is a scroller and if there is scroll down

  13. nathanj says:

    Mobs are the same though

    • Farrukh says:

      Hey Notch Can u add more animals to the game like ratbibs wolves that are tamable cats and kool stuff like that and 1 more thing add more matrieals like cardboard and plastic or other thingsi would like the game more if u did thanks if you dont want to its ok byebye

  14. texturepackers says:

    yea its good

  15. harry says:

    this should be called insane craft

  16. Phoenix says:

    im sorry, but all the blocks look like a diner floor :l

  17. vince says:

    can someone plz tell me if sinecraft is updated for 1.2.5 and not just 1.2.0?

  18. Notch says:

    I love asweome textured packs

  19. spy says:

    i remember when i first got this over a year ago it was by far one of the best packs iv ever had :D

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