Isabella is a highly detailed 16×16 texture pack with a dark and gloomy feel. The pack adds a clean look to the Minecraft interface and also offers support for a number of mods.

This texture pack is for an older version of Minecraft and may have missing textures.



  1. daryl says:

    cool texture pack i havent downloaded yetbut pics look awesome nice work :)

  2. Felix says:

    I have Downloaded but how do i install?

    • Seb says:

      Download the pack, drag to desktop, press the start button on your desktop, type %appdata% “enter” go to .minecraft go to texture packs, open it up drag the wanted pack in to it and your done then to activate it open up minecraft login go to texture packs and click on the pack you want

    • reniel says:

      just open the zip folder and and copy the folder to minecraft resource pack

  3. benx says:

    all the dark days…

  4. Name* says:

    i tryed doing wat seb said and i cant seem to get it to work

  5. minemaster321 says:

    great pack! i love it!

  6. Sonneby says:

    Cool Texture

  7. MikeDR says:

    I personally love this texture pack. My wood house looks fantastic, and it gives a good feel to Minecraft.

  8. Nikadem says:

    Really enjoying this texture pack, seems to add detail without having to mod for higher resolution packs.

    Very nice job!

  9. XxbordxX says:

    the sheep creep me out

  10. Sebastien says:

    Its really good and cool but for some reason the compass,lava and water have stayed the same as the default any ideas how I can stop this?

  11. Garrett says:

    My water is staying default. Does anyone know how I can get it to be like the bottom picture?

  12. fletwock says:

    Best texture pack ever, in my opinion.

  13. cencal says:

    Wow nice texture pack, I love it.

  14. Obsolete says:

    Great texture pack. I don’t like how redstone lamps look almost exactly like glowstone, though.
    P.S. Villagers look even more retarded XD

  15. aaagamer says:

    This looks a lot like auracraft in many ways.

  16. beebee1276012 says:

    I won’t download this Texture coz’ it look sooooo dark and soooo dull!

  17. troll face says:

    looks awesome!

  18. Kirby_Derby says:

    How does Herobrine look in this Texture Pack? all Dark and Gloomy? x

  19. Daniel says:

    So elegant! Simple, smooth and very relaxing. Love the flow and my home looks so intelligent and chic. Thank you!

  20. Keramei says:

    I love this texture pack!!! But how do I talk to the villagers? o.O

  21. Lxbrass says:

    Best texture pack ever!!!

  22. LamborxX says:

    this isn’t very bad pretty good :)

  23. Owlsin says:

    Yeah awesome texture!

  24. Nia-la says:

    Beautiful texture pack, works perfectly.

  25. Adam says:

    Any news on updating to 1.6? This has been my favorite texture pack for years. :(

  26. Nathaniel says:

    This is the best texture pack that I have seen. I hope there will be an updated version.

  27. psymbifish says:

    This pack was old school and ive loved it for over 2 years! Bonemouse, are you the original creator or did you adopt it, because I thought the previous designer of the pack abandoned the project.

  28. Anonymous says:

    OMG. This texture pack is the best one I have seen in a long time. Seriously though, my favorite part is the sound effects with this one. THe villagers just say “Ouch” and the animals are human impersonations of the animals. When the music plays, the human impersonator voice comes back and says “dun” to the tune of the song. I love it and I really recommend it.

  29. powdercat says:

    This is my favorite texture pack. I love to walk around and look at how dark things are.

  30. peret says:

    my girlfriend is named isabella so, i downloaded

  31. reniel says:

    What resource pack is the best ?

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