JailCraft is the perfect texture pack for epic jail builds and role play servers. You can even switch between being a prisoner or a guard with the custom armour and weapon textures.

This texture pack is for an older version of Minecraft and may not work correctly.



  1. bartyboy502 says:

    i love it!!!
    i made a giant jail before i got this and now i have it its even better :D

  2. Adspam says:

    Thanks for the feature; really well covered!

  3. jamie123r says:

    um i downloaded this but….i dont no how to use it and put it on my minecraft and im using windows 7

  4. devin says:

    How u download it

  5. happyrobot33 says:

    Hi I know this texture is perfect for me

  6. chase says:

    its awesome

  7. x HotShot48 x says:

    Hey i dont know how to get the texture pack in my minecraft Can someone please tell me

  8. Jack says:

    wow this packvis amazing

  9. Leon says:

    You should maybe make the bow to an gun?
    Love the texture pack soo cool! :D

  10. toni says:

    it is great texture pack

  11. Joe says:

    gives me a good urban feel for 16×16, made my highrise building look epic. Thanks for this!

  12. grimur12 says:

    boxcraft is more awsome!!!!

  13. The Soulest says:

    no boxcraft is a horrible game , terarria is the BOSS!!! of games and minecraft but they could use more ores for minecraft

  14. girl says:

    O.K. so i tried EVERYTHIING and it still isn’t downloading! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. l says:

    oh i love it i love it so much i love it !!!
    could they have made the yellow and black stripped blocks actually correspond to each other? i mean lookk at the pictures they have been to have seemed to be shaking

  16. Phoenix says:

    D: so friken amazing!!

  17. bradley says:


  18. Corey says:

    Hey does this work with the roleplay on singleplayer!

  19. Minermanmr says:

    Hi Guys I Love this texture pack so much im gonna make an adventure map with it and named after it

  20. Angel4o4 says:

    I downloaded it but do i have to make a jail ur what? * i was playin in singleplayer *

  21. N6TJA says:

    I edited this to make it even more pwnage

  22. seano01h says:


  23. Farmer Girl says:

    Thanks Sooo Much This will Fit Great In My New City

  24. stephanie says:

    WOW i love it

  25. Antonio says:

    umm…i downloaded it but i dont know hot to extract it….im only 11

  26. Jaime says:

    how do you get(or how do you make) the swat outfit

  27. lokinhho says:


  28. MailMan says:

    Nice, but only works for jail type maps. I don’t recommend it for regular Minecraft. It takes a bit of time to get used to, but I like it for my jail map. :)

  29. jordan says:

    my friend has this texture pack and hes awseome at making world hes made nuketown of black ops and terminal of modern warfare 2 & 3

  30. mlgprominer says:

    aesome i made a jail in multiplayer and i told only the prisoners to get it and they were like !!!!!!

  31. GentleCreeper says:

    I made An SCP containment breach map using this texture pack for my little server and my friends love it! Texture pack and all! good job mate!

  32. I set your hair on fire says:

    A good Idea is to make the chests like vaults.

  33. minecraft says:

    i made an enormous jail and the glowstone is cool

  34. alex says:

    lol cell 69

  35. minecraft444 says:

    i only have 3 texture packs :/

    but thanks ! this is cool texture pack!!!

  36. drunkenwolfpack221 says:

    i love this texture pack and try good morning craft it was the first pack i ever used and it was amazing.

  37. J.G says:

    The first picture: ”Cell 69” Lol
    Great texture pack.

  38. Skyharkerz says:

    Without this pack I could never have made my map @[email protected]

  39. AshleyMarieeGaming says:

    I love this pack so much! Its really great! :)

  40. bri says:

    WOW!! Love this pack!!!!