Wayukian Pack

Wayukian is a 16×16 texture pack with lots of detail and an RPG feel. The pack also has some awesome custom armour and nether textures.



  1. jordan says:

    very very nice !!!, however i don’t like the glass

  2. supper miner says:

    its very good how ever i agree that the GLASS IS MORE FOR JAIL PACKS .

  3. Abby says:

    i love it however i Like the grass! :D

  4. DerpDerp11111 says:

    Very nice. But why dont the mobs have textures?

  5. whackamob says:

    wasn”t sure until I downloaded and installed, I must say gorgeous for 16×16. gooood job. thx

  6. dancingbanana123 says:


  7. teh boss says:

    awesome pack!!!! Can’t believe it came out for 1.2 again!!!

  8. Gavtastic36 says:

    I love the texture pack but the top line when you type on the sign, some of it is blocked off.

  9. Xeloxz says:

    In my opinion I think it’s and excellent Texture Pack.
    I really enjoy it, and I LOVE the Diamond Armour!

  10. kev says:

    cool texture love it 100%

  11. oliver says:

    best texture pack and I really like the gold block.

  12. Abhi says:

    Very nice, inspired me to play this game more. Continue to make more!

  13. xviperlive says:

    very nice! i love it good outline and detail but my only concern is that please include the monsters becaus e hate to see normal looking ones they are very ugly

  14. Osgur889 says:

    It is very very nice but the windows are not so good.

  15. Regicide says:

    Hey, I love this texture pack it is all around awesome the wooden planks, sand and sandstone, and the armor and weapons are awesome but why does the coblestone have a tint of pink in it? Other than the coblestone I love this texture pack.

  16. aNxello says:

    Great work, beautiful texture pack, altough nomrla zombies look normal. Townies and animals look awesome and the inventory is pretty cool, also the armors look very nice. Thank you very much.

  17. themaddog1998 says:

    great texture pack but i dont like the glass

  18. GOOD says:

    10 STAR
    I like this kind of texture pack :D!

  19. ionparticle says:

    10 stars!

    It looks WAY better with the MC Patcher(it changes the feel of each biome) and my Minecraft house looks way cooler with it!

  20. damien says:

    i thing this is the best

  21. ParadoxFoxNova says:

    I love this texture pack, I haven’t downloaded it yet but I plan to! I’m making a youtube video on how to download and apply texture packs and this one I chose because I heard a lot of good feedback on it and I heard the armor and weapons were awesome.

  22. 24gamergold says:

    Once this gets updated to 1.8, I am going to have a hell of a good time making a vanilla RPG server out of this texture/resource pack. LOVE IT!