Aza’s Arid Pack

Aza’s Arid Pack is a detailed texture pack with faded colours and a washed out feel.




This texture pack is for an older version of Minecraft and may have missing textures.



  1. lizzyhill says:

    Ummm… to faded

  2. Kevo180Ahara says:

    Very good verry good

  3. NightEagle ( Minecart Studios ) says:

    Congratulations, i like it so much that w are going to use it for a multiplayer series.. Thanks ! credits will be given.

  4. Mousetrap94 says:

    Very well done and detailed!

  5. molcole says:

    it gives me a bit of a dusty feeling but it is really good

  6. khuzaimi says:

    WOW!.This texture pack is beautiful and briliant!.

  7. fireballsmc says:

    I like this texture pack but it’s a little faded sad although some blocks are nice

    out of 10 I would give it 7

  8. cazzlejank says:

    too light!

  9. EpicDancingChicken says:

    Very detailed and it was a great olden days feeling, faded, 128x, realistic, and I could tell you put work into this Texture Pack. My personal rating is: 8.7\10.0.

    Review by,

  10. creeperandrew01 says:

    nice work ill recomend it to deadmau5

  11. LemonAids says:

    This looks pretty nice. I would give it an 8.5 as my personal score, and 9.2 for your effort. I realize its not always fun and especially time taking to create a textures.

  12. willminer1201 (minecraft name) says:

    a bit too washed out…

  13. That Epic Guava says:

    I absolutely LOVE this texture pack! SO AMAZING!!! 10/10!

  14. Christian says:

    Don’t listen to people who say it’s too light. This pack has a style all it’s own and if it weren’t beautifully desaturated like this then it would look typical and look like other packs. I like the realistic feel it has, and how it reminds me a little of Silent Hill. Excellent work!!

  15. Will says:

    Sweet texture. I love the look of it. I don’t trust these people who think It’s too shaded. I think It’s perfect and will go really nicely with my rustic builds. (I get them of Keralis, he’s just as good as this texture)

  16. That guy says:

    I give A 1000 / 10 it is awesome

  17. xE3picx says:

    this is good for MineZ gameplays :P

  18. Petrichor says:

    I love it! Itt gives the whole games sort of a “flashback” feel to it!

  19. LlamaKing27 says:

    for some reason this reminds me of slender….maybe because its faded

  20. DiegoG says:

    Nice Texture Pack, My personal rate is: 6/10

  21. Isha says:

    Hi! Can you PLEASE make the exact same texture pack, without it being washed out? I love the textures – but not the colors! Sorry. Please & Thanks

  22. Bratek says:

    Its my best recource pack I use it all the time

  23. Silver says:

    Really Cool..I Like The Faded Colors…Kind Of LIke “Halloween Town Kalabars Revenge” When They Get There All The Color Is Drainded…Everything Is Gray And Dull…OR Kinda Like “Drawn To Life The Next Chapter” WildFire Drains Color From Absolutly EVERYTHING! And Its Your Job To Bring Back The Color!

  24. NAMNAM says:

    its nice and cool, but where ever I go, it looks like dust everywhere. The vision of player seems dusty.

  25. NAMNAM says:

    It seems fated! thats what i was looking for. It hurts my eyes. It tricks my eye to think the color has been washed off. My eye are watering!

  26. Unknown says:

    This texture pack’s paleness is it’s strength and downfall. From reading the comments, it seems like this pack hurts some people’s eyes. I guess I’m one of the lucky few who love it :D I feel like I’m in a 50s movie when I play with this one on.

  27. mavaje says:

    Good, but it has visible repeating patterns on the grass, leaves and sand and probably some others.

  28. Skyce says:

    This resource pack is the perfect one to fit with DocteurDread’s Shaders (more than SEUS)

    This made me enjoy minecraft again :D

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