Storyblock is very detailed and simultaneously simple texture pack. Each block is intricately illustrated like that of an animation cel. It has a very clean look to it in a cartoony style.




This texture pack is for an older version of Minecraft and may have missing textures.



  1. Garshy says:

    Its a good texture pack, but alot of the mobs are just default textures and all the armor.

  2. Aquaticflare says:

    This is a really neat and amazing resource pack, the only problem in the words are very difficult to read

  3. Gyovana says:

    It’s a beautiful texturepack!

  4. Kaiser says:

    Its lovely,its just a little to high-res for my computer

  5. Bob(not rly) says:

    Love this but it doesn’t seem to be dun!(plz finish)

  6. jj says:

    really really nice

  7. Capt. Link says:

    I love it! Very much like Okami.

  8. JayJay Boy says:

    Amazing Texture Pack
    Good For Adventure Maps!

  9. Fista_Cupz says:

    Thats Is Absolotly Amazing !

  10. Minecrafter says:


  11. Tempystt says:

    It’d be really great if this was updated with all the new stuff in 1.8, but sadly it’s not, or i’d be using it :(

  12. kjo10000 says:

    It’s good but to me it’s a bit dark. But it still looks great! – Kjo

  13. Neogirl says:

    This look really cool, Its the texture for Stacyplays Bookcraft series.

  14. Tricky says:

    I love the the pack, its so smooth. Please make an update and add mobs, armour ect

  15. John Gaming says:

    its really good

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