BoxCraft is a 16×16 simplistic texture pack with a very boxy feel. It is even approved by Boxxy herself.



  1. Alex says:

    First Comment!!!:))) :)

  2. Orange says:

    third comment :D

  3. ME says:

    can’t wait for 1.1 update!

  4. lewin says:

    best pack ive seen yet!!!!!

  5. Tengoku_Furasshu says:

    Really cool texture pack, love simplistic because it sticks to the theme of minecraft!

  6. lewin says:

    i like how you don’t have similarities between sand and sandstone

  7. Noah says:

    why is wood planks purpule

  8. TyraVane says:

    Oh, absolutely love it – especially the Netherrack, or whatever it’s called.
    Lots and lots of work put into this, I’ve finally found my favourite Texture Pack of all time!!

  9. TyraVane says:

    Oh, about the ‘I love it’, nope – sorry. I deleted it from the Texture Packs folder, I’m not using it, unless you change the wooden planks, it stays UN – USED. Sorry, but, it it a really nice texture pack, apart from the planks.

  10. jacka says:

    woah i was using simplecraft for ages but now ill use this instead…
    its pro:)

  11. owen says:

    i haz approved

  12. Notch says:

    Very nice, cozy like feelin

  13. N_i_L says:

    This texture pack is a good feeling

  14. lolha says:

    First three commenters need to grow up. :P
    Oh and nice Texture btw. ;)

  15. Flurriestone says:

    So… Boxy…

  16. Danthec00lman says:

    I love this texture pack!!!

  17. rhyzensalcedo says:

    hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!so cute:)

  18. Derpy_Hooves says:

    Great texture pack!