BlueBird is a texture pack that’s very simple but equally as detailed. The colors are so rich it’s as if you’re playing in a pastel drawing.

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  1. awesomedude says:


  2. Plattina says:

    Very cool! =)

  3. ZaidJ says:

    That looks pretty cool.

  4. adrianna says:

    that looks so cool epic dude

  5. theguynextdoor says:

    OMG Ilove this frigin texture pack
    :):0 ohhhhhhhhhhhh

  6. girly minecrafter says:

    looks very cool :)

  7. Jason says:

    Duuuude I love it!!!! You should make another your a pro:]

  8. tyler says:

    I like mostly of it but the thing that gets me is the incomplete tools / armor. like you have picks and hoes all done but shovels and axes are not done. and same with the armor. But other than that. its great.

  9. GirLovesTacos says:

    no way this could be 16×16

  10. Cookiedie says:

    Very nice resource pack ;)

  11. Le_Emeraldz says:

    Ye, this is a SICK texture pack! I Love it! ;D

  12. Jacob says:

    In all honesty, this is probably the best texture pack I have ever used!

  13. Anthony says:

    I LOVE THIS PACK! This was my first time trying a resource pack as well. Keep up the good work!

  14. MrCoolKid6780 says:


    I love it!

    This isnt my first resource pack, but this is one of the best i’ve seen.