BoxCraft is a 16×16 simplistic texture pack with a very boxy feel. It is even approved by Boxxy herself.



  1. Alex says:

    First Comment!!!:))) :)

    • spa says:

      secend coment:}

    • ShadowWolf73910 says:

      I absolutly love this texture pack! I love simple texture packs but I must say this is the best one by FAR! Keep up the good work! P.s. this texture pack is also used by my favorite utuber ibalisticsquid! Watch his minecraft lets play videos!

  2. Orange says:

    third comment :D

  3. ME says:

    can’t wait for 1.1 update!

  4. lewin says:

    best pack ive seen yet!!!!!

  5. Tengoku_Furasshu says:

    Really cool texture pack, love simplistic because it sticks to the theme of minecraft!

  6. lewin says:

    i like how you don’t have similarities between sand and sandstone

  7. Noah says:

    why is wood planks purpule

  8. TyraVane says:

    Oh, absolutely love it – especially the Netherrack, or whatever it’s called.
    Lots and lots of work put into this, I’ve finally found my favourite Texture Pack of all time!!

  9. TyraVane says:

    Oh, about the ‘I love it’, nope – sorry. I deleted it from the Texture Packs folder, I’m not using it, unless you change the wooden planks, it stays UN – USED. Sorry, but, it it a really nice texture pack, apart from the planks.

  10. jacka says:

    woah i was using simplecraft for ages but now ill use this instead…
    its pro:)

  11. owen says:

    i haz approved

  12. Notch says:

    Very nice, cozy like feelin

  13. N_i_L says:

    This texture pack is a good feeling

  14. lolha says:

    First three commenters need to grow up. :P
    Oh and nice Texture btw. ;)

  15. Flurriestone says:

    So… Boxy…

  16. Danthec00lman says:

    I love this texture pack!!!

  17. rhyzensalcedo says:

    hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!so cute:)

  18. Derpy_Hooves says:

    Great texture pack!

  19. PeqOnMinecraft says:

    This pack is great! I use it as my regular Texture Pack now. It’s very smooth and simple, and easy to identify everything! I very much recommend this pack, unless you don’t like the plastic-y feel of things. This pack is much less plastic-y than the plastic pack, though.

  20. Krafter_7 says:

    I LOVE this texture pack! I use it nearly EVERY time I play Minecraft. Now that I’m so used to it, It’s hard adjusting to the default look of Minecraft(except for when I play Minecraft Pocket Edition for some reason). Keep up the work for the next update!

  21. MaxNik says:

    Stampy and iballisticsquid use this texture sometimes