Themed Minecraft Resource Packs

Last Days

Last Days is a good old fashioned apocalyptic texture pack featuring robots, mutants, high tech weaponry, custom colours and  animated textures.    


LoafCraft is a beautiful 32x32 texture pack with bright colours and an underlying cat theme.    


LegoPak is the original Lego themed Minecraft texture pack.    


NorseCraft is a Viking themed texture pack complete with woodwork interfaces, custom armour and a great selection of Viking ornaments as paintings.    

Aza’s Arid Pack

Aza's Arid Pack is a detailed texture pack with faded colours and a washed out feel.    

Terraria Pack

This texture pack is themed on the action-adventure indie game Terraria which is often said to be similar to Minecraft.    


Warrens 32x32 is a dark and slightly moody pack inspired by Dokucraft.