Mine Wars

Mine Wars is a Star Wars themed texture pack with spaceship style blocks, lightsabers and an awesome Star Wars helmet (when wearing a jack-o-lantern).

This texture pack is for an older version of Minecraft and may have missing textures.



  1. Chaz says:

    love it it is amazing lots of effort put it i have downloaded it

  2. BD says:

    i downloaded it but it still isn’t at the texture pack thing.. i just downloaded minecraft so im not very good with al that stuff…

    • Minecraft Texture Packs says:

      Take a look at our guide on how to install packs:

    • Steve says:

      You will get it soon

    • help says:

      after downloding the pack it will be in the downloads folder or something. dont close it, open minecraft go to texture packs, open texture packs folder, drag the texture pack file into it and then it will be available.

      • William says:

        put it in the area marked with a house symbol in Finder, then in Library, then Application Support, then minecraft, then texturepacks.

    • Corey says:

      Ok, so you click Download at the bottom of the page. When it is done downloading dont do anything. Open Minecraft and go to Texture Packs, then hit open Texture Packs folder. You have to drag the file at the bottom left of the screen into that folder. If you need help with that, ask. And it should be there. You just go back to your Texture Packs and click on it to activate it. Bravo. :”)

    • Tapion741 says:

      Move the texture pack to Minecraft’s Texture Pack folder. Then go to the texture packs menu turn it on and you’re set :)

  3. DD says:


  4. Name* says:

    how do i put the kool helmet thingy on

  5. CreeperCZ says:


  6. condyl says:

    epic texture pack love the swords and the helmet and the wooden plankes

  7. captainsteve345 says:

    gonna download it

  8. Notch says:

    This texture pack is cool and you did well on the pumpkin helmet.

  9. Hi says:

    @*Name do you have MCPATCHER?

  10. paddy says:

    will it work on 1.1.0

  11. jwd4444 says:

    im going to try to make an adventure map out of this

  12. ching chang says:

    how do you download and install it

  13. Max says:

    i love this texture pack because the bow is the blaster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. kim says:

    how do you download it.i still can’t beleve notch cometed!!!!!AND one last thing……..hi

  15. the thing says:

    how do you install texture packs

  16. me says:

    you go to mine craft home page and click in browser once you do that you go to texture packs and click open texture packs then it will pop up a folder and then go to the texture pack you ant to download and click download and drag that into the folder that the mine craft opened

  17. dakota quinn says:

    love minecraft

  18. selliot1122 says:

    awesome texture pack bow plaster

  19. robin says:

    haha death star moon

  20. lolman says:

    lol death star moon and bow blaster

  21. Killer2121 says:


  22. darthjoeftw says:

    I LOVE this pack. It goes well with my Darth Vader skin. I especially like the iron armor, it’s CLONE TROOPER ARMOR. AND SKELETONS ARE IMPERIAL STORMTROOPERS. And Death Star moon. LOL. :D

  23. haluu says:

    I LOVE this texturepack!!!! SO AWESOME!!! Oh and btw, can I use this texturepack for may minecraft adventure?

  24. Lojack8 says:

    Downloading it right now

  25. Leng says:

    How do we installed it and how to zip the file. when I download it, it unzip it how can we do to zip this thing

  26. Shinydingo says:

    Amazing texture pack I think that the person who had made this put a lot of effort and time and it is absolutely fantastic!

  27. Phoenix says:

    Oh my f***ing god!!

  28. Giorgos Zografos says:

    I don’t like Star Wars,but this texture pack for minecraft is awesome!

  29. Oddlollypop says:

    OMG nice texture pack….its cool if we can use the AT-TEs….

  30. 9gagger says:

    How do i wear the helmet

  31. ~DJYoshi says:

    Can’t wait to try it!

  32. modernprokiller says:

    so awesome. i love the stortrooper armor although when im wearing it, my arm still looks the same in first person.

  33. jjj says:

    i have followed all the steps in the https://www.minecrafttexturepacks.com/installing-texture-packs/ but the texture pack will not show up…help? Mac OSX

  34. The ccrafter says:



    may the force be with yuo…. in minecraft.xD


    oh yeah. i also rated this 10 stars because it is #$@*%<^ awesome!!!

  37. Sungwon says:

    I love this texture pack but how do u turn in to a robot

  38. Notch says:

    I hate it when people impersonate me…
    Anyway, great job on the texture pack. (I’m a bit of a star wars fan myself)

  39. potato dud3 says:


  40. A Dumb Clone says:

    Very nice pumpkin blur 10/10

  41. SLAYERofNETHER says:

    the helmet in picture 2 looks a lot like Samus’s visor

  42. Xanomes says:

    good pack

  43. notch fan says:

    why does the iron door look different?

  44. AshyBoy says:


  45. Ermac The Red says:

    they should update it for 1.6. also, i dont think that was notch that commented

  46. Davishpwns says:

    I LOVE this texture pack. lol only problem is that the diamond sword is a purple lightsaber instead of blue :P but since i’m a huge star wars fan this is by far the best texture pack i’ve downloaded and used :D

  47. Zomynite says:

    Really nice! I have an idea for it. Make the dragon egg look like R2D2 and the ender dragon a sith lord

  48. Bodil40 says:

    This is amaizing!

  49. david says:

    It needs to change the names, for example instead of saying “Iron Armor” it should say “Clone Armor” or Red Light saber”

  50. BOB says:

    When you see the credits after the defeating the Ender Dragon, you should take a screenshot of that for the picture.

  51. SkythekidRS says:

    Cool. I like the budder texture really much. The squids though… THEY MUST BE STOPPED!

    • Cyber Prime says:

      Its a great texture pack, but I agree with Sky,
      Not just because I love his videos

      Hint, Hunt,
      I am going to start my own videos

  52. jerrick says:

    im going to use it evreyday so i can say i got star wars minecraft

  53. Duck_1 says:

    I wish this wasn’t out of date

  54. Jfredbell says:

    OMG best pack ever!

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