Themed Minecraft Resource Packs

Precisely Portal

Precisely Portal is the original Minecraft Beta texture pack based on the video game Portal developed by Valve.    

Adventure Time Craft

Adventure Time Craft is a resource pack inspired by the popular cartoon series Adventure Time. The pack is very bright and colourful with interesting cartoon designs for every texture!    

Legend of Zelda Craft

This is a Legend of Zelda themed texture pack that incorporates Zelda themed items, terrain, mobs, and more. Almost all of the textures are based on Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask.    

RuneScape Pack

As the name would suggest this is a texture pack based off the popular MMORPG RuneScape.    


SixtyGig is a cartoon themed 64x64 texture pack which doesn't stray too far from the vanilla Minecraft look.    

Mine Wars

Mine Wars is a Star Wars themed texture pack with spaceship style blocks, lightsabers and an awesome Star Wars helmet (when wearing a jack-o-lantern).    


Conquest is a 32x32 RPG themed minecraft resource pack based on the famous John Smith texture pack.