MiniDoku is a scaled down version of the popular DokuCraft texture pack.



  1. kamy says:

    thanks looks relly godd

  2. Andrew says:

    This is the greatest 16×16 texture pack I have ever found! It makes me feel like I’m using the 32×32 dukucraft texture pack!

  3. mikefm4444 says:

    this is awesome. my first texture pack. im using the dark version. first thing i noticed right away was the awesome glass! crystal clear. and the mossy cobble stone is now a really cool design. just overall a real step up from the og textures

  4. BongTokez says:

    great texture pack! Im not a huge fan of high resolution packs, but I do like doku, so this is just right.

  5. Halokid says:

    This is awesome

  6. Alexander says:

    my favorite texture pack so far :D

  7. Peace says:

    This was the perfect texture pack for my Minecraft PE

  8. pogikyle20000 says:

    which is better High,Dark, or light?

    • MageDewDrops says:

      Personally, Dark is my favorite because it has a darker more medieval look to it, and it makes the world seem a lot more gloomy. But if your looking for a happy, lit up place I would go with High or light.

  9. zan6387 says:

    hello i am here to tell you that… THIS IS 9999999999999999999999% ze 1st best 16×16 texture-pack i have ever used

  10. Minecrafted89 says:

    This is sooo awesome. I always use light because I think that one is best

  11. rando2209 says:

    what is the beat light or dark just wondering what wsa best

  12. Angel_of_Pi says:

    For those of you who are asking which is better: Light or Dark, it’s really all about personal preference. Try both the Light and Dark versions and see which you like better.

    I personally use the Light version, but that is just my preference. ^_^

  13. bootjel says:

    its a cool texture pack

  14. Rando2209 says:

    This texture pack is awesome its no different then the proper DokuCraft the only thing that I find differnet is that in dokucrft its looks more real but only a bit im thinking of putting it on my server

  15. DarkWolfGames555 says:

    This is amazing!

    my favourite texture resolution is 16-bit, so that mods and stuff aren’t dramatically different, and 16-bit packs have better FPS too

  16. Edan_Stone says:

    it’s a great texture pack however, I’m bothered that my raw potatoes look like a baked potato and vice versa