Simple As That

Simple As That is a super simplistic 8×8 texture pack perfect for people who find even the default Minecraft textures too detailed!




This texture pack is for an older version of Minecraft and may have missing textures.



  1. Ellie says:

    This is a very cute texture pack. Great job!

  2. xE3picx says:

    Wow the first time i seen a 8×8 looks good im downloading now :D

  3. Unknown says:

    Hm, maybe TOO basic but I like it.. in my opinion I wouldn’t get it but I’d rate it for more views. I don’t think my buildings would blend in more..

  4. MEH says:


  5. CreeperXRemix15 says:

    It’s perfect except for the letter ‘i’. it makes an awkward space after it that’s kinda annoying

  6. Gut-Time says:

    It’s a nice texture pack, except it’s a bit hard to find / see which item you’re using. But this is great for building.

  7. Diamond says:

    sooo cute! totally recommend to someone :)

  8. CopperCookie says:

    Hey! Thanks for all who have commented here! I am the creator of this pack. Thank you for the great feedback. The problem with the letter “i” can be fixed by using McPatcher. Have a good day!

  9. crazyoliwia says:

    i love the pack it is amazing :)

  10. crazyoliwia says:

    very cute :)

  11. gunter476 says:

    Great job! im impressed for the affects in this texture
    pack that is a 8×8 pack it even looks like LEGO :P

  12. Unknown says:

    this is the first 8×8 texture pack that looks very good!! great job !

  13. LLM says:

    Pretty simplistic but with a amazing comfortable feel

  14. SuperGirlyCreeper says:

    It makes me feel like I like in a 7th grade drawing-simple little too simple.

  15. koolade52 says:

    it is very charming

  16. Bisami says:

    Cute! :3

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