Chroma Hills

Chroma Hills is a fantastic RPG themed pack with lots of detail and interesting textures.    

Last Days

Last Days is a good old fashioned apocalyptic texture pack featuring robots, mutants, high tech weaponry, custom colours and animated textures.    

Coterie Craft

Coterie Craft started out as an edit of the Quandary Pack, but has now evolved into a texture pack of its own.    

Soartex Fanver

Soartex Fanver is a beautifully designed realistic texture pack and is an updated version of the discontinued Soartex pack.   


Storyblock is very detailed and simultaneously simple texture pack. Each block is intricately illustrated like that of an animation cel. It has a very clean look to it in a cartoony style.    


NorseCraft is a Viking themed texture pack complete with woodwork interfaces, custom armour and a great selection of Viking ornaments as paintings.   


MiniDoku is a scaled down version of the popular DokuCraft texture pack.