Soartex Fanver

Soartex Fanver is a beautifully designed realistic texture pack and is an updated version of the discontinued Soartex pack.

This texture pack is for an older version of Minecraft and may have missing textures.



  1. FumblerX says:

    Looks realy nice, but is missing all the textures on items

  2. you will never know who i am says:

    I like your texture pack, but not the green water, the grass block and like fumblerx said u didn’t add textures to the items

  3. me says:

    it’s a really nice texture pack
    i like the wolf stuck in a tree


  4. 8-bit-enemy says:

    Soartex <3

  5. sean says:

    hey can u finish the grass, i really love the texture pack just finish the grass texture

  6. xAutox says:

    In order for all these Texture pack’s to work
    simply download mcpatcher its totually free and major simple to use.
    if you look at the minecraft art some of the landscapes made are totually amazing ant there all using these texture pack’s.
    blocks like Sea,Grass are Scriptcoded that mcpatcher modifies to smoothen the texture (due to the vast ammount of block’s used of this type) mcpatcher is needed. (bair in mind 1 map contains over a million blocks. (from top to bottom 932 blocks then think of the diamiter of the landscape.

  7. David Awsome says:

    LOL on the 1st picture there is a wolf stuck in a tree! But Fail textures…

  8. Marcus says:

    Really well done, Love the texturepack!

  9. minecrafty says:

    i was gonna get it but the villager umm well thats why i didn`t get it

  10. Laagen says:

    I cant get the fire to work correctly and there is those “fire signs” on the side of dirtblocks also. Everything is great! Got any suggestions how to fix that?

  11. Shoeboxama says:

    Among many other things, items have been added and wolves have been added. Hundreds of other texturess have been changed, added and tweaked in the last few months. Fanver updates on Fridays, by the way. If you are interested in mods, there is a separate download with 30+ mods installed into it.

    @Minecrafty: The villagers have been remade!

    @Laagen: MCPatcher or OptiFine

  12. Disaster86 says:

    In addition to shoe’s comment; Several block animations and blinking mobs & villagers are available to all MCPatcher users providing all animations are turned on. Conneceted Textures for a few vanilla blocks such as all wool colours, stone slabs and more are being made as I speak.

  13. Jake says:

    OMG I LOVE IT! Everything is so smooth and nice :D

    Also, I love how visible all of the ores are. With the default look, I always miss coal or iron and what-not. With this there is no way :D

    10/10 I have about 12 texture packs installed, and I think this is the only one I will ever use from now on! :D

    • Jake says:

      Also, this is the first texture pack I have seen to have a very nice menu screen. (Great job)

      I have been looking through every item, and the only bad ones I have found have been the flowers. I don’t like the bush you added with them.

      Another VERY SMALL downside, is that although the redstone wire looks very nice, when you change direction, it looks a bit odd. (Not a big deal)

  14. Telarin says:

    This is amazing texture pack :) wheat is best :D

  15. Dax says:

    Bushes,obsidian,and workbench could’ve been worked on more but great job!

  16. gay says:

    Awesome, but some things haven’t even been changed.

  17. You dont know who i am says:

    THIS IS SO AWESOMEEEEE kirby is happy >>

  18. Lemon_Cola says:

    Wow it’s so cool it’s a mix of sphax and dekucraft too me :)

  19. Michael01 says:

    the texturepack is nice, but the leaves aren’t looking the way theyre supposed to. what should i do?
    (P.S. i already used mcpatcher

  20. Neda says:

    Really nice texture pack!

  21. fire guy says:

    i love this texture pack i just dont that the wooden and stone sword, i think they should be skinnier like the others. and to fill in more places when you look at yourself. but other then that the best texture pack i have seen so far!(P.S. but not as good as antvenoms fathful venom texture pack.)

  22. Cherry says:

    This is the best texture pack ever. Thank for the excelent job ;)

  23. CodeHuntress says:

    This is awesome. By far my favorite. It’s beautiful without being overwhelming. Thank you.

  24. mcpanther says:


  25. lynn says:

    this is my most favorite texture, ive tried so many and none beat this texture LOVE IT!!!

  26. Theresa says:

    Thanks for updating. Love this texture pack! The best I’ve seen.

  27. Nuke says:

    Love it, going from vanilla to this is like switching from coffee to cocaine.

  28. Name* says:

    Has anyone else noticed that all the villagers look like Harry Potter?


  29. Niceman says:

    Really nice ;)

  30. vicci says:

    this texture pack is really cool i love it makes everything look fancy :)

  31. mr.gamer says:

    AWESOME texture pack I’ve been wanting this for so long and now I have!

  32. Unknown says:

    This would be the perfect texture pack if it changed more mobs, and if the villagers didn’t look… well, like THAT.

  33. maricarmen says:

    Me gustaría descargar me este juego

  34. jonas says:

    i dont no have to install it but i love it my friend has it

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