Other Minecraft Resource Packs

Traditional Beauty

Traditional Beauty is a 64x64 version of the default Minecraft texture pack and aims to make the textures look more three dimensional.    


MiniDoku is a scaled down version of the popular DokuCraft texture pack.    


NostalgiaCraft uses the textures from Minecraft Alpha so you can go back in time and play with the old grass, leaves and cobblestone!    


Feathersong is a 16x16 texture pack with a warm, rustic, whimsical and slightly medieval feel.    


DustyCraft is a 32x32 texture pack that was originally released in September 2010. The pack has a very high level of detail and comes with some custom mob textures.    

Good Morning Craft

Good Morning Craft is a simple yet quirky 16x16 texture pack that offers a complete overhaul of the default textures.    


Originally created by LithiumSound, SummerFields is a bright and lively texture pack inspired by Jolicraft and Good Morning Craft.