MojoKraft is a very detailed semi-realistic texture pack with a light medieval theme. The pack is available in a variety of resolutions on the Minecraft forums.






  1. Minecraft™ says:

    GOOD JOB!!

  2. Alexa says:

    Dear Creator,
    I really enjoy your texture pack but there is one thing that has been bugging me and that is the stone. I have no idea if this is a glitch or something, but for me the stone blocks aren’t fully finished. There are parts of the stone that have a little fire thing in the corner. Please consider fixing this problem. But otherwise, i really enjoy your texture pack c:

  3. niko says:

    there is one outdatad block. (bedrock) it has the effect of lava and water.

  4. Mousetrap94 says:

    Very possibly my new favorite pack!

  5. Mansive says:

    This is a very beautiful texture pack, though I believe the water textures look a little off…

  6. Xanomes says:

    Super! Thank you, Mojo kraft.

  7. Mr_Woofles says:


  8. BrewMAJ says:

    The paintings are awesome too :)

  9. Tealove12 says:

    Awesome!!!!! Love the paintings! I like this texture pack a lot!……

  10. Qoompy says:

    This is a nice texture pack! I love the details, and this will be my new favourite texture pack in Minecraft!


  11. Tom says:

    This is a beautiful texture pack! My only (only!) quibble is with the Netherack block. I can’t tell which way is North anymore! I can figure out the North/South line, but I can’t tell North from South. Cobblestone, Gravel, all the wood planks, and Netherbrick still work though. Thank you very much for your work!

  12. therunescapegod says:

    this texture pack gives the the feel of new day RS, I LOVE IT!

  13. Esther Ko says:

    WOW . Cool Texure Pack .

  14. Skydoesminecraft says:

    epic pack. using it for my mod reviews now

  15. kidnintendo. (hidiyoshi/aaron) says:

    just for once i’d like to see a recource pack that has more than 128… like…. 236×236 pack named ultracraft. or something. xD

    i would pay for that……

    anyway, amazing pack. love it.

  16. jack says:

    awesome pack. what would i do without it. but if you updated it that would be fine and dandy

  17. MojoKraft says:

    MojoKraft v8 for Minecraft 1.7 is released:
    -> LOOK HERE:

  18. Asmau says:

    This just too much, but nayway good job XD

  19. cionski says:

    umm im not trying to be rude you should add some shadows of the blocks and the charater

  20. DaKrafter says:

    This texture pack looks AWESOME!!! I’ll download once I get the chance!!