Life HD

Life HD is a photo-realistic detailed texture pack that almost turns Minecraft into a whole new game! Many of the textures for blocks and items have been sourced from real photos.




This texture pack is for an older version of Minecraft and may have missing textures.



  1. HDGaming203 says:

    holy crap this texture pack is Awesome!

  2. deadlox says:

    Good texture pack!

  3. darstely says:

    wow pretty awsome pack u made!

  4. 818raffi says:

    omg this looks so nice

  5. mine1997 says:

    Nice Texture ! I LOVE IT

  6. castform55 says:

    OMG i love this texture packs Skydoesminecraft should use it :)

  7. creeper714 says:

    great texture pack, but add trapped chests please

  8. SkyDoesMinecraft says:

    Good Texture pack!

  9. CookieDoughDragn says:

    Oh my gosh! I love this texture pack!

  10. minecraft says:

    good Texture pack

  11. ASFJerome says:

    Amazing texture pack dood!

  12. hipestar says:

    hi deadlox and skydoesminecraft i love you both

  13. NodachiKashi says:

    Looks pretty nice from the pictures.

    how do you install these texture packs because im a noob at this

  14. skydoesminecraft says:

    Great texture pack! I love it!

  15. Luis says:

    Hey, this is a really amazing texture pack, really adds a lot more gameplay into minecraft! oh, and are you two the real Deadlox and SkyDoesMinercaft?

  16. starnikhil says:

    oh my god what a realistic one

  17. Beboxvox says:

    Hey that pretty cool texture pack! Diamonds to you!

  18. frostbot200 says:

    this is one of my favs

  19. Artizard says:

    Pretty texture pack. I like it.

  20. Eddie Young says:

    Wow! It looks real!

  21. ExplodingTNT says:

    TNT not looks very awesome
    nice textures anyway

  22. tubbyisbeast says:

    its epic

  23. Gaming goon says:

    it does not look as good as i thought it would be by well done with the textures.

  24. zombonie88 says:

    I can’t download it it says “Too Much People Downloading” D:

  25. Destroyer0314 says:

    Sky and Deadlox wow!

  26. maxmofoe says:

    Holy crap mate this is amazing!

  27. ramil says:

    awesome texture pack

  28. That-Lame-Gamer says:

    this texture pack is awesome sauce!

  29. MinePro Craft says:


  30. theneverboss says:

    Epic Texture pack

  31. Opelvaux says:

    There fake Youtubers, they cant even spell the youtubers names like CaptianSparklez.

    There all just fake.

  32. AntVenom says:

    THIS IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! Im totally goin to make an episode featuring this texture pack sometime soon…

  33. AndrewDoesFails says:

    this is an amazing pack

  34. kingyakko says:

    Cool texture pack! Really realisticish! :)

  35. TheChaoticBullet says:

    WTF This is amazing!!!-__-

  36. SSundee says:

    Wow this texturepack is awesome dude!! Maybe I should use this in a video sometime! I may be bringing out a new channel so subcribe to that!

  37. DulJuice says:

    Amazing resource pack!

  38. KusyPL says:

    Hi, good Resource Packs. :D -=- Siema, fajna Rosource Packs. :D

  39. DerpyBro says:

    The comment section is being taken over by imposters that are showing themselves as youtubers. D:

    Cool texture pack tho

  40. Orepro says:

    insane texture pack

  41. Hunter says:

    Cool texture pack. i sugest this to all looking for a realistic texture pack.

  42. ihascupquake says:

    oh my god i love this texture pack. might use it in a video sometime. its pretty cool.

  43. CrayCrayHat says:

    Wew! Nice pack, gonna use it in my next coming out video on youtube!!

  44. TheCampingRusher says:

    Nice texture pack you got there, bud.

  45. Collider107 says:

    I love this texture pack, but can you add all 1.8.1 features and maybe change mobs? Other than this this is my fav pack!

  46. Yo Mama says:

    Too Evil, But Pretty Flowers!

  47. tobuscus says:

    Great pack I don’t really use texture packs much but I will use this in tobygames sometime bilbo

  48. NewToTheWorld says:

    There’s a problem with the enchantment table. When I place the item I want to enchant in the enchantment slot, the item is slightly shifted to the right of the GUI item slot. Not a huge deal but can it be fixed?
    Anyway, amazing texture pack, will use for future videos!

  49. Lance says:

    Is this a Real Life Texture pack Because is say Life HD but I want a real life texture pack! Tell me is this a real life texture pack! Ok

    • gingerlongtail says:

      its a texture pack with textured taken from real photos not for real life. But that’s what could happen in the future. You never know….

    • Manmanguy98806 says:

      It says photo realism, meaning they are photos pasted on the texture, so yes, it is real life.

  50. Manmanguy98806 says:

    Love this texture pack so much, I cant stand the reg minecraft one now, and imposters, gtfo. Can you add the 1.8.1 textures to it?

  51. PopularMmos says:

    Good very good

  52. LDshadowlady says:

    wow this is a good texture pack, i will definitely use this sometime. it looks very realistic and i like that!!!

  53. Andrew says:

    I know there fake because Jerome doesn’t use texture packs boyyy get ur facts right spammer

  54. Soundwave M says:

    Hmmm Not Very Good But Awesome :)

  55. riley says:

    awesome texture pack I downloaded it just today

  56. dwtnt says:

    awesome love it so cool my fav get it now

  57. thesquid977 says:

    it is the best texture pack I’ve seen

  58. MatijaTNT says:


  59. Someone says:

    STOP FAKING YOUTUBERS, I know all of them and some of you spell wrong and LDShadowlady likes to use correct grammar, not “i like that’ with no capital I and youtubers use a different site for texture e packs so STOP FAKING IT!

  60. Lenbo7777 says:

    I’ve used this texture pack and let me just say, HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So awesome! Shout-out to the creator!! :-)

  61. Notch says:

    Good Texture Pack!

  62. TheAstroMoo says:

    Amazing texture pack, but there’s no texture other than the default for some things.

  63. abdallah says:

    is good good

  64. Chockey825 says:

    Nice texture pack it is cool and so realistic

  65. legendary says:

    my mom thought it is real life haha

  66. _ says:

    Were these photos taken from real life?

  67. _Alvisen_ says:


  68. Holobane says:

    awesome,but miss some texture ;)
    Vines…miss this one..would be fantastic if can retexture this one!i love use for my acient waterfall :D

  69. PurpleLamar says:

    OMG This Texture pack is amazing i feel like im in real life exept the tnt texture so yeah lovley texture pack

  70. hunter says:

    This is such a cool pack

  71. Holobane says:

    awesome, but miss some texture ;)
    Vines… miss this one… It would be fantastic if can retexture this one! I love to use for my ancient waterfall