Candy Craft is a neat pack full of color and vibrancy. It’s like playing in a full scale Candyland. The blocks may take you a bit to get used to but ultimately it’s a deliciously fun pack.






  1. Destiny ayee says:

    first comment! wow this texture pack is so crazy cool.. its literally like candy land i like it! it makes you feel like ur in a whole different game lol

  2. BajanCanadian says:

    Thanks :) I will use this texture pack for HungerGames And Hey doods please sub to my channel :3 Much luv <3 and take care I love this texture pack :)

  3. girlygamer says:

    I used this when i first started minecraft.Oh, the meories

  4. damian says:

    hell ya make more!!

  5. AliceNutter says:

    Looks like…Ehm…Everything is made of sweets.
    Wanna get it!

  6. Maxsy1127 says:

    Nice Texture Pack :D. Enjoyed it. Ill be doing a texture pack review soon, and ill be including this. If you want to watch it, check out my channel!: Maxsy from Minecraft

  7. Love My Video Games says:

    I love this so much I can’t be leave how cute dis is :D.

  8. alexa says:

    Omg I lOVE IT I littrally tryed to eat my tv screen its awsoe

  9. MartyCraft HD says:

    Very nice resource pack! So cuteee :33
    Gotta download it
    NOW!!! :D

  10. rylie says:

    this is so awesome like seriusoly

  11. Emma says:

    I saw Thinknoodle’s video on Think’s Lab when he previewed Candy Craft, and it’s AMAZING! I cannot believe the dirt looks like……looks like…..ugh I can’t describe how yummy and sweet it looks!!! I wish life was like this the way it was in MineCraft. But I’d be halfway sucked up through candy dirt in the first 10 seconds. I wouldn’t even survive 25 seconds in Candyland. LOL I really want a theme park like CANDYLAND!! You cou…..wait, this is getting off topic bye.

  12. Fizz says:

    Nice resource pack, thinking of getting it soon!

  13. Kayla says:

    how do i download this thing! I REALLY want this but i can’t

  14. Ghost goul says:

    This looks good enough to eat!!!!!!!!

  15. KrahnnickGamer says:

    This is AWESOME! One of my favorite texture packs! :)

  16. Kagano says:

    Nice pack dude

  17. GlitteryUnicorn says:

    The Villagers Are So Creepy!! XD!

  18. MarciCollins says:

    Love candycraft Love it! The bad thing is you can’t combine it with other texture packs. You can but it doesn’t look different.

  19. Pastellaxx says:


    Hopefully it will work on my computer c: