Paper Cut-Out

This is a simplistic texture pack designed to make objects in Minecraft look like they have been cut out of paper!




This texture pack is for an older version of Minecraft and may have missing textures.



  1. TheRealMC102 says:

    Amazing it is 16×16 but it is HD amazing

  2. Zeak says:

    My new fav texture pack I love it!!

  3. charchar1231 says:

    looks cute. i love it.

  4. Tyler Relf says:

    this is impossiable. it has to be 32×32

  5. Jamie says:

    Best Texture Pack ever, It is beautiful and has no lag!!! My FPS used to be 10-15 now it is like 50+. Totally recommendend it :)

  6. mat0102 says:

    It isnt so nice.
    There are no bugs and lags, but it isnt decorated well!

  7. dynomitepie says:

    This is my favorite texture pack!

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