16×16 Minecraft Resource Packs


SimpleCraft, as the name suggests, is a very simple texture pack with straight lines and solid colours.    


Smoothic is a really unique simplistic texture pack with very bright colours and a consistent feel.    


Pamplemousse is a 16x16 pack based around modern design and architecture with the feel of a HD texture pack. It works well for both modern and traditional builds alike making it a great all-round texture pack.    


Dandelion is a cute and simple 16x16 texture pack designed by Steelfeathers.    

Pixel Perfection

Pixel perfection is a beautiful 16x16 pack which adds a fresh new look to Minecraft without straying too far from the default look.    

Pixel Daydreams

Pixel Daydreams is a realistic pack with a classic RPG style. It gives you that old school turn based gaming look but maintains everything that is Minecraft.    


Pleadiacraft fits in well with the Minecraft experience. It has a very blocky appearance but seems to add a significant depth to the original textures. All the blocks are more contrasted while maintaining the simplicity of the game.