NostalgiaCraft uses the textures from Minecraft Alpha so you can go back in time and play with the old grass, leaves and cobblestone!

This texture pack is for an older version of Minecraft and may have missing textures.



  1. mineamster321 says:

    NICE MAN! best pack iv seen all day!

  2. lewin says:

    it’s just like the default

  3. dom says:

    if you read the writig at the top it seys that it is the texture from miecraft alpha so you ca play with old grass ad cobble stoe

  4. darthjoeftw says:

    Great Pack, LOVE IT. I use when playing Minecraft all the time.

  5. minecraftbrony says:

    so bland… so mono colored… so… CLASSIC!

  6. Daniel_Laixer says:

    There aren’t much differences between this texture pack and the actual one.

    IMO the most noticeable difference is the old cobblestone texture, but also lava, water and not-biome-affected grass.

    If you began playing Minecraft in alpha, you should give this texture pack a try.

  7. weeeeeeeee says:

    does this have the aether?

  8. Diego says:

    Nostalgia ;_;

  9. Chuck Norris says:

    I ish feel so nostaligiatic… D:

  10. aNxello says:

    very cool, good old alpha times, thanks

  11. shane says:

    amazing i still remember when hunger did not exist…that was the good times

  12. TheSyndicateProject says:

    Brings back good memories *sniffles*

  13. Herobrine says:

    My best days.

  14. Notch says:

    ahh the days back then….

  15. Jeb says:

    Do my eyes decieve me?

  16. Minecraft Geek says:

    The Good o’le Days

  17. haloguy242 says:

    *Steve opens a time portal and walks through and finds himself in a world with this texture pack* LOL!

  18. Old Fashioned says:

    Wow looks cool. Since i started in 1.4.4 i have to downgrade to get this texture. But with this ITS EASY!! :D

  19. darstely says:

    cool pack i love when i was back at alpha!

  20. ImmortalCrafterz says:

    This Pack Looks Like Minecraft Pocket Edition

  21. DarkWolfGames555 says:

    The great memories! I never played this early, but I watched the Yogscast’s videos in this stage. I still love this texture pack!

  22. reuxhero says:

    I never played Alpha, but I still remember this…

  23. aAlphaGuy says:

    I miss the good old days…

  24. CakeBake789 says:

    Nice I miss the old Beta and Alpha Texture nice texture pack :) :) make more texture packs like that

  25. TheCaptainBaker says:

    Guys, if you love alpha so much, then just go back and play it, you can go back to any version with the launcher. I do it all the time!

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