KayneCraft is a vibrant texture pack with a consistent and very distinctive cartoon theme.






  1. nicholas says:

    amazing texture pack 10/10

  2. Whiskers says:

    I thought it said KanyeCraft :P

    • Shellzilla says:

      I am really glad I’m not the only one who thought that. Haha. Totally clicked on it expecting every texture to be Kanye’s face or something.

  3. FrostyPoptart18 says:

    Great texturepack. I love it!

  4. Tom says:

    I love the Space Marine Diamond Armour!

  5. loiu says:

    so coooooooool!!!

  6. John says:

    Epic Pack dude!!

  7. Name says:

    This looks awesome! Too bad my laptop can’t display 128×128 px textures D:

  8. Tyguy1612 says:


  9. bad ass skag says:

    looks a bit like boderlands

  10. Gianeric2A says:

    This Pack was so awesome i couldn’t even resist it and i bought it and when i activated it and Showed it to my Friend he was like “WHERE DID YOU GET THIS KIND OF VERSION!??!?” And i said “This is not a Version. This is a Texture pack!”He wanted it and he Added a Server to let people Play it.

  11. r2hkl says:

    Awesome Texture pack for some reason im getting lots of lag and glitches with it. other thn that its awesome!

  12. Gamerguy2233 says:

    OMFG the armour looks SO epic!!!

  13. UberHaxorNova says:

    Nice i love the look of the diamond armor :)

  14. Tyler Relf says:

    It looks so comic-booky!

  15. nikola says:

    COOL.This is great!

  16. dom says:

    This Texture pack is flipping AWESOME

  17. SadGhoster9001 says:

    This is an epically epic-sized epic resource pack full of (cartoonish) epicity. Love it. Did you build that sand fortress?

  18. Ava says:

    Love this texture pack, the diamond armour looks like sub zero!

  19. Comoreto says:

    Excellent. DIRECT DOWNLOAD from this page WITHOUT any shitty adware page loaded of cookies and spywares.

  20. Mephisto says:

    It reminds me of Borderland :D

  21. AliceNutter says:

    Epic,Leather caps and golden helmets are Awesome.
    Good job!

  22. juliaf says:

    i saw the 2nd pic with the armor. i was like IM IN!

  23. aWeSoMeTnT says:

    awesome armor!

  24. Rexonite says:

    Wood planks are untextured on the sides. Is that a problem with my computer or the texture pack?