Gerudoku Faithful

Gerodoku Faithful is a continuation of Tombone’s Gerudoku RPG pack.






  1. KINGBEN says:

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Tristin says:

    This looks alot like the DokuCraft texture pack. I like it.

    • Achiian says:

      This is the texture pack that Lewis and Simon where using when they did the shadow of israphel seris, that i loved so much! I also loved the texture pack and i have been looking for it for so long now and i finaly found it YES!!!

  3. Jad says:

    didnt lewis and simon do this on survival island map?

  4. batmansfriend says:

    This texture pack is totally awesome!!

  5. Bad Wolf says:

    If someone could mix the sounds from Nostalgia Craft with the textures of this, it would the BEST PACK EVER!

    • GameBray02 says:

      Anyone could do that. Move the sound files from Nostalgia Craft into the Gerdoku Faithful folder. Somewhere in Assets > minecraft

  6. LunarFangz says:

    Fallen in love with it XD

  7. ArdaleGaming says:

    Lewis and Simon did a survival island with this Texture/Resource Pack ! I love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Waldo_NiNjA says:

    this texture looks a lot like sphax but better! good job :)

  9. DerpDirtBlock says:

    This is yhe one uberhaxornova is using!

  10. Dasecookies says:

    I Got Here By UberHaxorNova

  11. BlueEagleG says:

    Epic… Just epic

  12. The Doctor says:

    Great enjoying playing with it!

  13. AlexTheGamer says:

    I love this texture pack a lot!!!!My only complain is about the smoke from fire.They are cross and circles it looks cartoony…

  14. jack the kid guy thingy says:

    just the zombies some times scare the s**t out of me