Legend of Zelda Craft

This is a Legend of Zelda themed texture pack that incorporates Zelda themed items, terrain, mobs, and more. Almost all of the textures are based on Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask.



  1. jonathan says:

    this was an awesome texture pack i loved it <3

  2. bo says:

    dude this texture pack is the best i seen.

  3. Dark_Jargon says:


  4. zombiemike1 says:

    i love this texture pack one of the best

  5. dead says:

    Are you ure this is minecraft (THERE WAS A CIRCLE)

  6. curan says:

    Love this texturepack, however.. the water on mine looks like the default MC water :(

  7. curan says:

    I’ve also noticed that there aren’t any flames on the torches I place, even though the torches still give off light o.O.

  8. Patrick says:

    The water stays as the same basic Minecraft water for me o_O

  9. William says:

    This was my first tex pack…… i got it in 1.8.1……. now……… I HAVE IT AGAIN BWAHAHAHA

  10. Benjamin says:

    Epic :D Its kinda hard to know which is the block :/

  11. Phoenix says:

    cool! it doesnt look EXACTLY like zelda :3

  12. Alex says:

    I tried to install this, but when I tried to select it in the texture pack screen, it was grayed-out. any advice?

  13. Jacob says:

    I LOVE THIS!!! But please change the portal.

  14. Jonathan says:

    This texture pack is awesome! But I did notice that the chickens don’t have legs. Lawlz ^^

  15. Charlotte says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a MAJOR Legend of Zelda fan and this was dream come true…. twice! Thank-you for making this! And to all those Legend of Zelda fans out there, KEEP FIGHTING HARD!!!


    Awsome texture pack!
    i love the lava!
    unlike some texture packs, it changed every item!
    love it!

  17. Morgan says:

    When I play through this the moon scares the absolute bejeezers out of me! Other than that this texture pack rules! Love the legless cucoos too!

  18. Man VS Minecraft says:

    This is not bad texture pack, i can say its cool.

  19. Casey says:

    the moon is sideways XD but still an awesome texture pack :3

  20. Omnibrow says:

    Fantastic! Best one out there

  21. Lfokw;af says:

    Epic moon

  22. SkyDoesMinecraft says:

    Im thinking about using this for my Lets Play Thanks dude your awesome

  23. Sparta5273 says:

    This is the best thing to happen to me since I got this for an older version, but alas Minecraft updated and it wouldn’t work for me anymore. But now I can play this again, and the two games this is mostly based on is my two favorite games of the series.

  24. TheGreatIceDragon says:

    Its great! But there is a bug where on 1.7.4 the sounds and music play as default…. And water/lava look the same… Please fix this or i’ll have to install another zelda texture pack.. P.S ima biggggg zelda fan and im also a hugeeee spyro fan (not skylanders)

  25. Fire gem says:

    Amazing texture pack i am really a fan of the legend of zelda and everything is amazing on it Plus i did’t know that Sky Does Mine Craft commented on here.Plus good job and i am a fan of sky does mine craft :3

  26. Trisha Demilion says:

    Looking at this resource pack has really brought back good memories, and I’m glad Koa Neuva made it for us :D

  27. austin says:

    For some reason when I activated the texture pack and entered a world, only the sun and animals and sky (half of it was white!

  28. Dark Sonic says:

    This was an amazing texture pack. really, I loved it. The only problem was, when I first logged on with it activated, the mobs were glitching out. They were giant, and only the ends of the appendages could be seen. I restarted the game, and the mobs are back to normal, but now the shadows are messed up, with grids of shadows showing up on two/three blocks from the object dropped or the animal. Is anyone else experiencing this? I’ve reinstalled the pack, and it still was doing it.