JJJas0n’s FancyCraft is a 128×128 semi-realistic texture pack with a very classy feel.

This texture pack is for an older version of Minecraft and may not work correctly.



  1. jillian says:

    i cant get it >:()

  2. minecraft138 says:

    THIS IS THE BEST TEXTURE PACK EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. EnderStare says:


  4. sasuke says:

    this is a ok pack

  5. LuaManager says:

    Nice Texture Pack!
    I like it.

  6. brunomarsfan! says:

    AWESOME!!! :D

  7. COD_Gamer says:

    great, great texture pack, but please fix stone. it has wierd fire and portal particles in it which looks lame while mining. Thanks, and good job!


    This 1 of the best texture packs!!! I love all the HD packs.

  9. Shelly says:

    I love this texture pack.. The only problem is the stone. It has weird fire and portal things in it like another person said. I used MCpatcher to install the texture pack.. Can anyone help??

  10. Bloxxertarf says:

    Dude, fix the water/lava to actually move. The lava looks like a blob of orange/red and black, and water looks like a bunch of overgrown amoebas that don’t move. Thanks.

  11. Patrick says:

    All of you complaining about the stone having weird fire and portals and the water and lava not moving NEED TO USE MCPATCHER! So stop asking him to fix it, and learn to read. (Or if you did try using MCpatcher and it didn’t work youtube it or google it to make sure you did it right.)
    Oh and very nice pack! :)

  12. CodieVenus says:

    To Fancy…

  13. aaron says:

    where do i download mcpather i clicked hte link and there tutorials can someone help?

  14. Min says:

    Most awesome pack ever. Again, the rants below for the ‘unmoving’ lava and water, as well as glitches from mines and fires, are ignorant individuals, or rather they are unaware.

    Simply use MCPatcher and all will be well.

    Cheers to the author of this pack! I’ll buy you a beer.

  15. Orion says:

    are the mobs changed?
    if so i will probably not get it, sorry.

  16. Gnomy224 says:

    Wow dude over 27 MB but it looks really good, so I’m still getting it.
    For future reference, could you make the files a bit smaller please? Just asking, but it doesn’t really matter

  17. aj says:

    please fix fire in stone T-T

  18. lola584 says:

    im trying this texture pack it looks awesome :)
    :) smiley face to u

    im happy to try this

  19. soulheart says:

    everything looks nice, however for some reason the sticks, seeds, and tools are just big white blocks, any idea why that might be? I already used the mcpatcher.

  20. Dennis says:

    I really like it. It is pretty realistic and that makes it nice!

  21. Rickjames says:

    needs updating for the jungle biome added in 12w08 and 1.2.2

  22. oliver says:

    best texture pack

  23. Lynn says:

    I went ahead and downloaded this texture pack, tested it and love it. I then ran the updater to fix the stone/water issues, and before I did so, the FPS was perfectly fine, but after the patching, it plummeted to the point of being unusable. Any ideas?

    • Lynn says:

      Solved the problem – was an issue with my computer and switchable graphics, not the texture pack whatsoever. Absolutely thrilled and LOVE it! Looking forward to when the jungle biome is updated (especially since in multiplayer we ended up next to ones)!

  24. LeeTheHacker says:

    Nice TexturePack i know dise. dise is a mod texturepacks means it cen have mods texture like Balkon’s Waeaon mod end like SDK gun mod

  25. aidan says:

    i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Tash says:

    Okay, so I downloaded it and all, then chucked it in the texture pack folder with no worries. I choose it as the texture on minecraft, still all good. Then make a new world to test it out on, and it loads all right. BUT, this is where it all ends badly. Rather than loading a world, it’s gone to a black screen. So, any idea why it’s doing this or how I can fix it???? Thanks!

  27. Jekz says:

    How do we get MC Patch? Please tell me :(

  28. ... says:

    i dont have mc patch but it still worked….is it because i have an hd computer?

  29. Kahlann says:

    Cannot see most wood texture.

  30. April says:

    Absolutely stunning!!

  31. Herbert says:

    Can you give me some advice? When I use the Mcpathcer all the blocks turn solid white or green. What do I do?

  32. Jaynich says:

    My only recommendation would be to actually curve the car tracks, being realistic I dont think a minecart traveling full speed at a corner track at a 90 degree angle is going to stay on :p Nice lookin pack though! Thumbs up :]

  33. Ja! says:

    I like this, its awesome and realistic!

  34. Ronny says:

    I like the texture pack and downloaded it, but there is no wooden planks, the wooden planks are invisible, so now my floor is invisible… and so are my walls

  35. UR MUM says:


    It is an very good pack i love it!!

  36. Ted says:

    Could you update it to 1.2 please?

  37. weirdo says:

    great pack!!!!! love it

  38. Upadate it! says:

    UPDATE THIS TEXTURE PACK PLEAAAAASE! The new Textures (different woods, etc etc) are purple because they have no texture! Please update this!

  39. troll says:

    Kinda hard to be fancy when EVERYTHING IS A BLOCK

  40. Zuccini says:

    I love the texture pack but the words/typing is all jumbled up.

  41. N_i_L says:

    This texture pack is cooooolllll

  42. A guy says:

    Amazing, and fancy.
    Just like the name…

  43. Infomad1970 says:

    Missing textures for red stone lamp and jungle wood trees. The just show nothing, a glitchy nothing.
    That is all I noticed right off in a couple minutes of playing. I guess its just not compatible with new version of the game.

  44. epic_mine_smiley says:

    its ok but I like more of the block kinds of texture packs

  45. Michael. . . . says:

    I had this texture a while ago and forgot how epic it was.

  46. matt says:


  47. Logan says:


  48. Sarah says:

    this texture pack for minecraft is excellent :)

    and to all those complete idiots who cant read and are just stupid!!! YOU NEED McPatcher!!! i use Mcpatcher and Optifine for all my minecraft texture packs and it looks sensational!!!

    keep up the great work and ignore the stupid morons who are illiterate!!

  49. hi says:

    i absolutely love this texture pack. The only problem i had was glowstone. It looks a bit ugly but other then that its perfect. (sorry if I’m being a bit picky)

  50. Confused says:

    Only some of the textures worked like the mobs but everything else look the same. I am very confused, someone please help

  51. THE2MU says:

    It was AMAZING! I cant believe how realistic this is the butter(gold) apple butter ingot the apple AWESOME texture pack props to the maker!!!!!!!!!

  52. ssj99lucario says:

    I hope you can get it updated for 1.8, you can’t leave the bunnies out

  53. TheCrookedGirl says:

    I can’t wait for this to update it is such a good texture pack :3