Arestian’s Dawn

Arestian’s Dawn is a beautifully intricate pack. It has a very Medieval feel to it and works well as a more realistic Minecraft experience.


This texture pack is for an older version of Minecraft and may have missing textures.



  1. thedarkone753 says:

    i love it its nice armor is impeccable font is great and its just everything so its worth downloading

  2. jdub says:


  3. miner10707 says:

    really like it but I think you could change the command block

  4. Fooby says:

    It did NOT have a texture on creepers CREEPERS
    just a tip for the creator. (;

  5. kittylover12 says:

    1 of the few texture packs I love, great job :D
    the only thing I would suggest changing is the leather armor back to default (only when you wear it) or the coloring show up when you dye it, other than that it’s perfect :D

  6. Shane says:

    Those pantings is looks like mine too!

  7. Leafily says:

    I like this resource pack but the water and lava and a couple difficult to notice textures don’t work.

  8. Not Jhonny Depp says:

    Is it really that hard to make a proper bed texture?
    It seems that a lot of these otherwise good texture packs have fractured bed textures on the side.

  9. genius_345 says:

    Im downloading it now…It Looks great….:)

  10. PeqOnMinecraft says:

    Awesome Texture Pack! Great armor, awesome swords, and medieval blocks. Great pack! GET IT NOW!

  11. Toast_On_Jam says:

    AMAZING Texture Pack, the font is outstanding aswell as most of the textures. Some things are left out like Creepers, and water doesn’t work but otherwise amazing pack. Espicially the Armour and Tools

  12. SkyDoesMinecraft says:


  13. sethsam2005 says:

    awsome gonna download right now!

  14. steve says:


    Trying to download this for my son onto a Mac. Can’t find the folder ‘Roaming>.minecraft>Resourcepacks.’ to put the files. Appreciate any help you might be able to provide.

    Apologies for the lack of knowledge we’re new to this.


    • Helper says:

      Hey! I can help you! Log on to Minecraft. Click Options, then click Resource Packs, and click then Open resource pack folder.

      There you go

  15. Josh says:

    Amazing, one of the better texture packs!

  16. Anaere says:

    Been using the WIP version without realizing it had been updated until recently, super happy I finally did notice, since this is definitely my favorite pack. Absolutely worth the download!!

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