Dragon Dance

Dragon Dance is another fantastic RPG themed texture pack from Steelfeathers with the usual warm feel and vibrant colours, but this time on more detailed 64×64 textures.






  1. Darkstar says:

    This is by far my favorite texture pack.

  2. YeOh says:

    Wickedly Toony! The colors are literally flying off my screen. Love it!

  3. ASFJerome says:

    Nice cartoon texture-pack. Keep up the good work!

  4. Zachery Rondo says:

    Looks amazing.

  5. vincent ventola says:

    Best texture pack ever

  6. leegadafe says:

    i love this texture pack my best texturepack! : )

  7. Artuhur2001 says:

    VERY NICE resource pack.

    Only things that can be changed more are:
    Armor,Trapped chest and the bow.
    Bcs they arnt changed.
    Change that, and Bye bye john smith.

  8. rocketracerz says:

    MY FAVORITE TEXTURE PACK EVERRRRRRRRR(but plz re-texture ALL of the items)

  9. KaiCraftMC says:

    I love it your epic most epic texture pack ever

  10. liam says:

    SO Freakin good!! i love it it makes minecraft so beutiful!

  11. Degu says:

    This is da best exture pack ever!!!!!!!

  12. hayley says:

    The best texture pack I have tried so far, I love the beauty and the graphics in this.. keep it up dude :D

  13. superpinkie1 says:

    I totally recommened this!!!!!!

  14. Jill says:

    The only things still missing are ores like redstone and diamond and iron as well are just vanilla. also you borrowed sphax textures for the heart and hunger bars?

  15. TwigthePanda says:

    Steelfeathers (the maker of this texture pack) is still working on this texturepack. it is all hand drawn, so please be patient. You can check what he’s doing by looking up Steelfeathers on planet minecraft. He has many more texture packs that are just as good as this one.

  16. VBR Control says:

    Incredible, A texture pack so rich with color, and it’s HD looking base, this is incredible.