Dragon Dance

Dragon Dance is another fantastic RPG themed texture pack from Steelfeathers with the usual warm feel and vibrant colours, but this time on more detailed 64×64 textures.






  1. Darkstar says:

    This is by far my favorite texture pack.

  2. YeOh says:

    Wickedly Toony! The colors are literally flying off my screen. Love it!

  3. ASFJerome says:

    Nice cartoon texture-pack. Keep up the good work!

  4. Zachery Rondo says:

    Looks amazing.

  5. vincent ventola says:

    Best texture pack ever

  6. leegadafe says:

    i love this texture pack my best texturepack! : )

  7. Artuhur2001 says:

    VERY NICE resource pack.

    Only things that can be changed more are:
    Armor,Trapped chest and the bow.
    Bcs they arnt changed.
    Change that, and Bye bye john smith.

  8. rocketracerz says:

    MY FAVORITE TEXTURE PACK EVERRRRRRRRR(but plz re-texture ALL of the items)

  9. KaiCraftMC says:

    I love it your epic most epic texture pack ever

  10. liam says:

    SO Freakin good!! i love it it makes minecraft so beutiful!

  11. Degu says:

    This is da best exture pack ever!!!!!!!

  12. hayley says:

    The best texture pack I have tried so far, I love the beauty and the graphics in this.. keep it up dude :D

  13. superpinkie1 says:

    I totally recommened this!!!!!!

  14. Jill says:

    The only things still missing are ores like redstone and diamond and iron as well are just vanilla. also you borrowed sphax textures for the heart and hunger bars?