Chroma Hills

Chroma Hills is a fantastic RPG themed pack with lots of detail and interesting textures. It is available in 128x, 64x and 32x textures although the 128×128 version is recommended.






  1. HDGaming203 says:

    This texture pack looks sweet!

  2. jakob says:

    this is a really cool texture pack

  3. wellyukmot says:

    This is a great texture pack even better if you add a shader pack to it, even frankieonpc uses it for his minecraft videos

  4. Jellyblobber says:

    looks really cool. im using it and just adds a great look

  5. Cat says:

    This texture pack is great! I would highly recommend it to people who like “old style” texture packs. It just makes everything look great. I have this texture pack and when i play cops and robbers it just adds an amazing effect to the jail. It’s simply awesome.

  6. I don't know... says:

    yeah, looks awesome, but if you are looking for a medival texture pack, I highly reccomend sphax pureBDcraft

  7. mark_totskie983 says:

    this is cool texture pack good for adventures!!

  8. xXm932011Xx says:

    A Great Texture Pack!! if you are looking for a realistic texture pack *Like me* this pack is perfect for you!! I strongly suggest this pack!