Traditional Beauty

Traditional Beauty is a 64×64 version of the default Minecraft texture pack and aims to make the textures look more three dimensional.



  1. Mike Williamayer says:

    The textures for redstone ore and grass blocks are messed up. Fix this, this texture pack is awesome

  2. yexturepacker says:

    when i have no texture

  3. flans says:

    Man It good best texture pack ive seen in a while

  4. Shadowhumper says:

    This actually looks very nice, the idea is ingenious. My computer isn’t strong enough to run 64×64 packs without hicuping, but I’m gonna download it just to see how it would look.

  5. Joshua Butcher says:

    This texture is beautiful, it keeps the original Minecraft but gives it that smooth but delicious look to it! 10/10

  6. Alexander McAuliffe says:

    are those little blocks of fire supposed to be in the grass blocks?

  7. Lewis says:

    L.O.V.E This!!!! Only 1 concern i think you should change to make it a bit more nice…Change The GUI its just gray and its really horrible to look at if you changed that i would give this 5/5 but right now its 4.5/5 :P thx for reading and i hope you take this into consideration :D

  8. Flarp says:

    none of the items are 64×64?

  9. Lewis says:

    One Small little thing i would like it be fixed that would make thsi the BEST TP ever…The GUI is VERY boring no offence if you make it like the default but with a bit more style it would be better then the gray boxes now :D thx dude

  10. ShadowHeartened says:

    This is the best texture pack I have ever seen.

  11. fargy says:

    AWESOME… it dosent change too much

  12. Yoshi573 says:

    Wait, didn’t Craftedmovie use this? Anyways, it brings the Default texture a better look.

  13. awesome guy says:

    wow better than faithful texture!

  14. Two_Sticks says:

    It’s like the default but glossier.

  15. haloguy242 says:

    Waaaaaay too much three-dimensional effect on the chest.

  16. ilikewater says:

    Wow Its Like The Original But In 3D!!!

  17. MrCreepah61 says:

    I like it :D

  18. Dan says:

    Nicceee! i finally found what i was looking for. Great texture pack! <3

  19. Wolfy Waugh says:

    Guys, in the new Minecraft update (1.5.1) you don’t really need McPatcher for the HD texture packs you have. So please stop the arguments.

  20. john says:

    man the baked potato texture is like a potato

  21. IronEnderDonut says:

    This is freaking me out. I’ve never seen Minecraft is such vivid 3D textures!

  22. MicHaeL MonStaR says:

    This is one of the best alternatives that stays similar to the original. It indeed gives a bit of a 3D-effect to certain items/textures, which gives it a bit more “quality” and “depth” of course.
    However, one side-effect that it introduces is that some textures seem like they have a grid over them, as if it’s all made out of small mosaic-tiles, which doesn’t look that nice. Other than that, it’s a great alternative. I’d give it a 4 out 5.

  23. richncal says:

    cool one

  24. a says:


    a 10 would have included clouds

  25. jovalie4 says:

    I don’t have MCPatcher, but I can’t find any bugs.. :) really pretty!

  26. Matt Dillon says:

    It wouldn’t bug me nearly as much if It didn’t all look like a stock standard photoshop filter has just been applied to everything.