Steelfeathers Enchanted Pack

Steelfeathers Enchanted Pack is a 32x32 texture pack which aims to be a fusion of both Victorian elegance and fairytale mystery.    


Pulito is a simplistic texture pack inspired by Adriorn's Básico.    


Slix is a simplistic texture pack with a smooth feel.    


Inspiration is a texture pack designed for building massive and realistic structures. The main aim of the pack is to provide textures which are perfectly seamless and rich in colour and detail.    


AuraCraft is an RPG themed texture pack with very detailed textures and an overall dark feel.    


Grids stays true to the original Minecraft textures but adds a checkered pattern to blocks, clouds and the user interface. Texture pack copyright Håkon Stormo.    


Básico is a 128x128 texture pack with a mixture of simple and semi-realistic textures.