64×64 Minecraft Resource Packs


EnfiCraft is a clever mixture between a cartoony and a realistic texture pack.    

Traditional Beauty

Traditional Beauty is a 64x64 version of the default Minecraft texture pack and aims to make the textures look more three dimensional.    

RuneScape Pack

As the name would suggest this is a texture pack based off the popular MMORPG RuneScape.    


SixtyGig is a cartoon themed 64x64 texture pack which doesn't stray too far from the vanilla Minecraft look.    


Definitance is a detailed 64x64 pack great for modern builds such as large city projects. The pack also works well with the natural environment making it perfect if you want an all round more modern Minecraft experience!    

Misa’s Realistic Pack

Misa's Realistic Texture Pack is designed to look semi-realistic and be easy on the eyes, avoiding too many bright colours. The pack was the first complete high resolution texture pack ever made and set the bar for future texture packs.