LoafCraft is a beautiful 32×32 texture pack with bright colours and an underlying cat theme.

This texture pack is for an older version of Minecraft and may have missing textures.



  1. Name* says:

    l love this texture pack, it ties for my favorite :)

    Beautiful texture pack, I love the white cobblestone and as well as the other textures and colors. Very easy on the eyes, the colors blend well. And I love cats.

    Thank you, Amalah, for such a well-done texture pack.

  2. Isha says:

    This texture pack is AMAZING!

    Everything is detailed and perfectly done, even the
    lava! :) I chose this one out of all of the rest, it’s one of a kind, gentle, soft and easy. I see you love cats! I think the cat in the 2nd picture is cute…:P

    Thanks for this texture pack!

  3. ICanHasGreif says:

    This is alright

  4. Mud says:

    The text for multiplayer is almost impossible to read.

  5. kola321 says:

    Love the texture pack!(The paw prints in everything is really funny.)

  6. Tori says:

    I love this awesome texture pack. the funny thing is the armor is princess and i saw a boy wearing it

  7. meda says:

    IT IS GOOD AND Ilove cats and dogs

  8. shania28 says:

    I am a dog lover but this is EPIC and i love it so yea so OMG u have to get it

  9. Just a person :) says:

    I love texture pack :) I wish I had minecraft :(

  10. katherine says:

    hey i love your texture pack!!!
    its so awesome!!!

  11. Two_Sticks says:

    Soo… Girly..

  12. Percila510 says:

    Actully, I am downloading the pack right now!
    But I do love those paintings in the background of the second picture. Ooh and the beds.

  13. Name* says:

    meow i love cats i will download it right meow ^_^

  14. haloguy242 says:

    Awwww, the cat looks so cute. Might get this pack.

  15. Eric says:

    It is quite “Pretty” but kind of toonish just IMHO.
    It is very happy though.

  16. kiittenlove says:

    you guys who dont have this texture pack and you have minecraft well hop on to safari because this will change your minecraft life seously get on now!!!!!!

  17. forevayuki says:

    this is an awesome texture pack but why is it in survival mode i got in my inventory i get ou and my game crashes

  18. Candice says:

    This texture pack is really awesome. I like the colors and the drawings!!!

  19. Wicked_Willow says:

    Oh! The paintings are really gorgeous… And mythical, with cats, dragons and flowers, also unicrons YAY! :]

  20. TheEpicGirl says:

    I LOVE CATS this is such a great texture pack!

  21. cat lady says:

    this is such a wonderful texture pack im going to reccomend this to all my other minecraft friends!! this texture pack fits me well!

  22. SweetiePieGamer says:

    This is an awesome texture pack I Freaking love, good job + I Like kittys :)

  23. safirerings says:

    Really girlish and bad!!

    • kuroichi says:

      Minecraft is not just for males, also you could be more constructive with your feedback. If you don’t like it because “it’s too girly” then don’t use it.

  24. norahthekid says:

    I love it it is cool and cat like

  25. Peochi says:

    it needs to be updated to 1.7 so people who play mainly on 1.7 can use this too

    • AliceNutter says:

      I agree with you,Peochi.This Texturepack looks so Great,Cute and it’s AWESOME!Good job.But it Really needs to be updated to 1.7.

  26. Hannah says:

    I really wish you would update the texture pack. It would be much more awesome, but so far, I do love this texture pack. It’s perfect. The colors, the cats, and just everything. If any one wants something girly and almost enchanted like, this is the texture pack for them. My favorite thing about it would be the water, it’s so clear and it looks so clean. I just love it. This my favorite one so far. c:

  27. Kisa says:

    This texture pack is both giryl, and adorable. I really wish it was updated to 1.7

  28. PinkDahlia says:

    This is my first day of this pack and i already love it! i hope you update it to newer versions so ppl can see newer textures! also, i was a bit confused about the skin when my own skin stopped working for who knows

  29. Kristija says:

    Awesome, I love it! The only thing is that I have 1.7.10, and the birch leaves look like the vanilla Minecraft leaves, and I would love it if the new blocks in 1.7 also had a texture. Thanks! :3

  30. Alison Lester says:


    Just a perfect resource, I love cats!
    This was my dream, thankyou, creator of this texture pack, for making this! Its gorgeous!

  31. Pikachuzzy1 says:

    It looks really cool,I’m getting it tomoz!

  32. Bree says:

    I really love this texture pack, but an update would be really nice if you have the time… If not, I understand. But I will always love this texture pack and appreciate the hard work you put into it already! :)

  33. Firefaeire says:

    As others are saying… I love this texturepack, and it’s tons of fun… but I would really love if it could get an update? It’s hard to get immersed in the world of loafcraft if you’re playing it and playing it and then suddenly a block that isn’t included in the texturepack disrupts the whole thing. A 1.8 version would be much appreciated.

  34. TeHarley says:

    It has been updated elsewhere, and that is true, Who has the link? I’m stuck using sphax 1.8 to cover up the blocks that aren’t included and I hate that!

  35. Miku AdorezWolvez says:

    Beautiful. I love the light texture if you know what I mean. The diamond sword looks awesome.